4 raiders lf mythic raiding guild (1 heal, 2 mdps, 1rdps)

We come with a big group of people who will join us but only 4 of us are looking for raid spots. We’re all great at mechanics, solid purple/legendary parsers, and don’t care AS MUCH about progression if we’re in a community of awesome people who do m+, rbgs, or whatever outside of raid night (but would still love a guild where CE is in mind). We don’t want to just raid, we want to be a part of the team and get to know everybody. We’re all 3/8m (we went zek after mother) and have AOTC but these are the chars we’re looking to main (most of us have 370+ alts as well). We’ve all got 900-1200 raider.ios, too. If you’re interested, my btag is kateindeed#1554.

373 resto druid (h/disc priest alt)
383 sub/outlaw rogue
382 ele/enh shaman (priest alt)
373 havoc dh (ret pally former main, rerolled dh)

Can and will happily provide logs to anyone who is interested. :slight_smile:


8:00-11pm tues/thurs preferred but WILL CONSIDER EARLIER RAID TIMES ON THOSE DAYS.

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Hey there Moonfare, I think The Art of Warfare would be a great fit for you all. We have 2 raid teams that raid during the week, both are 4/8 H. We aren’t a progression guild but we do take raiding seriously.

We have groups that run RBG’s and are looking for more to join us. We run M+ on Mondays as a scheduled event, but people also run them throughout the week.

The Art of Warfare is a large multi game community that has been around many years. If you’d like to know more about us you can check out our site at ~taw.net. I’d be happy to chat with you in game or Discord if you’d like.


Hello Moonfare and Company :slight_smile:


We would love to have you to join our 8/8 heroic and 2/8 mythic farm, as well as trial for our mythic progression, and I also am happy to say that our raid times seem to fall into alignment perfectly with your stated availability.

We are currently 2/8M and 8/8 Heroic

We are a community of players with long-time cutting edge progression experience. Our core has raided with each other since legion, and we enjoy downing content in a fun, relaxed manor while helping and making new friends! We also have a growing active community of High Key M+ players.


Core Progression= [T/Th] 9pm-12am EST.


Semi-Hardcore, with highest priority of efficiency, dedication, and maintenance of an enjoyable atmosphere.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me directly


I sent you a B-net Invite as well.

We highly look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards

Hey there! On the offchance that you’re still looking, I’m currently looking for a few good people for Death Squad! A part of , we’re currently lacking a few consistent bodies so that we can progress into Mythic. Too many folks want breaks right now with the holidays and burnout. We’re looking for people who’d like to be a part of our little family within TDC, and explore our limits as a team. We’re 8/8H, and 1/8M. Tues/Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am
Bnet: orthsol#1294
Discord: Sol#0925

Don’t want to leave a wall of text, check out our team’s forum post.

Contact me directly!
Btag - Chiqt#11826