[H][Area 52] <Umbral Ultimatum> 7/11 H, 10/11 N, 9/10 M SoD LF Mage LGBTQ+ Fri/Sat

Hi all, this is Huhi and Kyrn of Area 52!

We are currently looking for DPS for 9.2!

Guild provides flasks/food/enchants, so with us you wouldn’t worry about anything.

What we’re looking for:

*People who want to break into raiding.

*People who are looking to learn and be more proficient players/raiders.

*Night owls who can’t make other times work but still want to raid.

*LGBTQ+ people who want a safe and fun place to raid.

*Seasoned raiders who are looking for a nice, chill, and positive place to play.


*Discord - We’re a vocal group, comms will be a must! Talking of course is optional, but you have to be able to listen.

*Good attitudes - Positive vibes go a long way!

Raid times are 9:30 PM- 12:30 AM PST on Friday/Saturday.


*MDPS - This is a hard maybe, only looking for proficient melee DPS candidates.

*RDPS - NEED MAGE, open to Mages with no 4set.

Please contact pistonfists#6274 (GM) or abellariana#5442 (our recruitment officer) on Discord or for more info :slight_smile:


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