[H] 3/10M 217 Elemental Shamman Looking for mythic raiding guild

Looking for a semi-hardcore/hardcore raiding guild to be pushing mythic content.
ALT of a 3/10M, 1.3k io, 226 hunter, switching class cause hunter bad now.
Raid leaded Mythic hungering and heroic sludge with last guild
80% parse
80-90% ilvl parse
Bnet > > > TheNursez#1387
Discord > > > Last Whisper#0390
Character name > > > ForgeFire
Left the last guild as they are taking a break from mythic raiding this patch and 9.1.

Hey there,

Add me on Bnet or Discord, I will be glad to talk with you and see if you will fit with our guild. We are 3/10 mythic and are looking to solidify our raid core with more dps.

Bnet: Revend#11956
Disc: Rev#9357

[H][Area 52] <Umbral Ultimatum> 7/11 H, 10/11 N, 9/10 M SoD LF Mage LGBTQ+ Fri/Sat Heyo, just dropping my spam. If it looks interesting to you let me know!

if you’re looking for a T/TH group that gets things and stuff done while having fun, feel free to drop a line.

Good afternoon! We are in search of quality players who are looking to push CE 2-day-a-week raiding in Shadowlands!

Adversary is a guild that’s been around for a couple of years ran by a close-knit group of friends! We are looking to add exceptional players to our mythic team! We also have an active mythic plus community for those looking to push keys. We are 5/10 Mythic.

Our raid days are Wed/Thurs 730-11PM EST.
We raid optional heroic from 7:30-8:00 PM EST, and then mythic raid begins at 8:00 PM EST.

Currently Recruiting:


Disc Priest

Melee DPS:

Ranged DPS:
We are seeking 2 ranged DPS and will consider all applicants.

If your class isn’t listed, we are always seeking exceptional players so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

BNET: Khromah#1755
Discord: Khromah#1532