Returning Tank LF Heroic/Mythic weekend guild

220 Blood DK LF heroic/mythic guild that raids fri/sat/sun with ending times any time before 11pm EST/EDT. I was 7/10m last tier with many pulls on Sludgefist as well as Generals as windwalker monk and fire mage. Had to slow down and eventually quit the game because of IRL commitments. Multiple past CE kills. Below are some logs from past tiers where I played tank.

I’m not interested in going alliance, please only inquire if you’re on horde.

Bnet is: Wafflegasm#1927

Hi there! Let me know if you’re interested in us :slight_smile:

Ending times are far too late for me. Sorry, I’ve edited the initial post to reflect my hours of availability.

Gotcha, good luck!