3/10M 10/10H Looking for Guild

4K away from tier 6 archivists codex. Can play destro and demo. Want to raid 6+ hrs a week. Have done my HW for all bosses up to guardian.

Hello Grahool. Give me a shout on Discord or in-game and we can chat!!

Nox Oriens (10/10H 3/10M SOD) is looking to add 3-4 DPS, main spec healer that can dps and a main tank or dps/tank for our Mythic roster. We also run a Casual Raid Team that is recruiting for all positions and is currently pushing through Heroics.

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 9pm to midnight server (central) for both teams.

Nox Oriens is an Alliance guild based on the Sargeras server and we are a progressive, friendly raid guild. We have been raiding as a guild since 2007 and we are currently running two raid groups:

Tempest (Mythic Roster)

Ascendance (Casual Progression)

We maintain a friendly raid and guild atmosphere with ages in-guild ranging from 18 to grandparents and many of our raiders are parents. We have a liberal alt and friend invite policy for our raiders as well. We do some PVP and run M+ often.

We are always looking for great raiders but more importantly we are looking for excellent guild mates. If you believe you may be a fit for our culture and one of our raid teams, please contact:
BNET: Shadowjj#1695

Discord: Shadow#8257

We look forward to hearing from you.


Morning Grahool!

We are a 3/10M raiding guild [[H] US-Kil’Jaeden] looking for a few additional players to join our roster for SoD mythic progression and help towards our attempt at CE this tier.

Our raid schedule is Tuesday/Thursday 7:00pm-10:00pm PST

What we want on our team:

  • Semi-hardcore players who would like to work towards achieving cutting edge, but understand we are a newer guild attempting to improve our current roster for next tier
  • Players who are constantly attempting to improve their own gameplay
  • Players who have patience, and add constructive behavior to the team
  • Players who are willing to sit when needed for composition needs

More about us:

  • We are a brand new guild, formed out of two newer AOTC guilds on US-Kil’Jaeden whom merged to start mythic progression.
  • A community with various active members
  • Light raid schedule - Two raid days a week. We run other content on off days - non mandatory
  • M+ run daily

If you are interested in speaking with us:

Please visit us on the website “Guilds of WoW” to apply, or reach out to one of the following officers:


Thanks and best of luck!

Feel free to direct contact or use the application. Whichever you prefer :slight_smile:

SoD progress: 5/10M 10/10H
CN progress: 8/10M, 10/10H

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-10 CST (8-11 EST)
Contacts: Divineblarg (Discord: Mint#3740 // btag: prizma#11192)
Undeadblarg (Btag: Fatman#1884 // Discord: Fatman#8817)

Blarg Squad is on Illidan and looking to enjoy mythic progression, with players who come prepared to execute and have a good time. We are looking for teammates, people who want to be part of a thriving and active team that builds relationships together - not a show up for a raid-logging environment. Guild Leadership has raid experience from Vanilla through current, including past server firsts, with the goal to achieve CE in a timely manner.

Play the class you enjoy and the spec you enjoy. We expect you will put in the time to complete content, mythic plus, and weekly requirements for your SL Covenant. For raid, put in the effort to know the fights and mechanics and own up to your errors and work on them. It’s progression for a reason after all. Understand as well, our RL will put the best in for progression, period.

The guild provides cauldrons and feasts at raids, however, we expect you to bring health and mana pots, dps pots, oils, your extra flask if you are not alchemy, and armor kits.

RaiderIO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/illidan/Blarg%20Squad
LOGS: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/illidan/blarg%20Squad
Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/illidan/Blarg+Squad
Application: https://tinyurl.com/z9m9edzj

Hi Grahool! Hit me up if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Hi Lunacy is looking for more DPS for mythic raiding to deepen our roster! and we would love to have you try out for the guild! We raid two nights a week Tues/Thurs 8-30PM - 1130PM EST and do M+ on off nights send a message to us if you are interested. Tipsy#9309 (discord), OurRegent#1480 (battlenet).

If you’re still searching, I’d love to chat!

We are 5/10M and looking to recruit a few more DPS. We raid 9-1130PM EST. If interested, reach out to me

Bnet: Sunde#1384
Discord: Sunde#5261

Hey! We’re currently 4/10M, looking for some strong DPS to fill out our roster. LGBT friendly, current high need of monk and warrior but all good DPS welcome. Contact #Mookaladouche#6580 on discord

Hey there we are on Thrall. We raid Tues and Thurs 8-11 PM EST. We are currently 3/10 M. Raearia#1312 is my btag if you would like to chat!

Hey Grahool!
Our guild([Spoon Fed] - Illidan) is currently recruiting for DPS positions for Mythic SoD. We are currently 3/10M. Pre-nerf Remnant to 2% and Soulrender to 33%. Our raid times are Sunday and Monday 7-10pm EST. We have an alt/Heroic raid night, on Wednesday 7pm EST.

About Us:
Our community is mainly older-ish veteran wow players in their 20s/30s. Most have jobs, and IRL duties, so we only commit two nights a week to raiding. We understand that IRL comes first

If you are interested please reach out. You can message me via discord(davethemage#1669) or BNET(davethemage#1669)

Hey Grahool,

If you’re still searching, add me so we can chat; Pezek#1832

Hey Grahool,
Coomer-Illidan is recruiting all exceptional roles specifically ranged dps for mythic SoD currently we are 4/10M with soulrender pulls around 40%. Raid times are Tue/Thu 10pm-1am CST.
If your interested feel free to dm me on discord Popefranc#7092 and we can talk further.

[Inverse Logic] 10/10H 1/10M SoD 4/10M CN is a tight-knit, semi-hardcore mythic raid guild that focuses on finding a balance between good progression and flexible adult schedules.

We offer an inclusive, non-toxic environment with an active Discord, alt runs, and Monday night M+ for those who would otherwise miss out on a 15 in the vault. We are committed to maintaining an equally laid back and competitive atmosphere, where you can enjoy an after-work beer with friends and still clear some content! We are semi-hardcore, meaning we will expect you to play to the best of your ability and be continually working to master your class. We also understand that real life comes first. We are a team of parents, working professionals, and students who understand that sometimes you’re just going to miss the raid. We will work with you if something comes up or your schedule changes–as long as you communicate!

At this time, our goal is to achieve AOTC and semi-casually pursue CE each tier.

**Raid times are Tues & Thurs 8p - 11p Eastern.

** We are actively recruiting: dps, healers, and hybrid healer/dps

Social applicants do not need to be any specific class or spec! If you appreciate the environment we’ve established and think you would enjoy your time in our guild, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.

What we offer:

  • Flasks, food, and repairs for raid night.
  • Constructive feedback inside and outside of raid.
  • Guild Mythic+ every Monday at 8pm server.
  • Laid back, adult environment.
  • An active Discord community.
  • A family of players who love playing with each other!

What we’re looking for:

  • Players with current or previous AOTC experience.
  • Performance-minded players who will work on their play outside of raid.
  • Team players who enjoy working with others.
  • Players who would enjoy a semi-hardcore approach to progression.
  • Players who have are at least 226 ilvl with appropriate enchantments, and have crafted a level four or higher legendary

Discord - Profien#3012
Bnet - Profien#1475
GM - Discord - Doctersauce#4910
GM - Bnet - Doctersauce#1397

Hello Grahool

[US][A] [Interstellar Overdrive] is always interested in potential raiders for either our Mythic or Heroic team! We are semi-hardcore and achieved 6/10 M CN last tier. We are AOTC and have pushed to 4/10 M SOD!

Interstellar Overdrive

  • Semi-Hardcore : AOTC — 4/10 M SOD
  • Connected Servers : Draenor/Echo Isles
  • Raid Nights : Tuesday/Thursday (Saturday - Optional)
  • Raid Times : 9pm-12am EST
  • For the Alliance!

Feel free to give our guild recruitment page a quick lookover to see if we would be a good fit for you!

Contact me either on Battle Net or Discord!
Battle Net : Paracyte#11293
Discord : Eccosan#2489

Best of Luck!

Hey add me on discord for a chat Goosefraba#3619

Hey! We’re a 5/10M guild (H, Illidan) that raids Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm EST - 11 PM EST. We don’t have a lock and very much need one for painsmith progression this week. Would love to chat more, discord is Vicar13#1792.

Hey there! Grahool

–| Rain | – is a Mythic Progression guild devoted to creating a fun, engaging, raid atmosphere that focuses on progression and player improvement. We are led by Cutting Edge (CE) experienced raiders who are dedicated to our raiders. We value your time and will always work hard to make sure it’s well spent raiding with us. Here are a few things we feel sets us apart from other guilds.

Your loot is yours! - We will NEVER ask you to give up your hard earned loot, unwantedloot will go to a loot council system.

Multiple Raider Ranks - The longer you raid with us the higher your raider rank and privileges grow.

Open Officer Meetings - You won’t see our officers running into a private channel after the raid! We discuss player performance, fight strategy, and guild direction openly. We are a team!

Community Representative (CR) - All guild members may vote bi-weekly for their representative. The guild member with the most votes is rewarded the rank of CR which has all Officer privileges and will be the guild’s voice during Officer Meetings.

A Gaming Community - not just a WoW Guild. We play a handful of other games like Final Fantasy XIV, MineCraft, Pokemon Unite, and much more! We believe a guild that games together stays together!

Current progress is 10/10 Heroic 4/10 Mythic.

Core Raid times are Tuesday - Wednesday 9-11:30PM EST
Our Optional Heroic raid is Saturday 9-11:30PM EST

If you are interested or have any question please feel free to message Bwill#0463 or Dusty#5924 on discord. We look forward to hearing from you!!