[H][Area 52] <Umbral Ultimatum> 7/11 H, 10/11 N, 9/10 M SoD LF Mage LGBTQ+ Fri/Sat

Where my healers at!!!

spare priest? spare priest sir?

we are simply vibing, searching for a priest

bangs hand on desk

priest priest priest

Back to the top! looking for you, priest!


Vibing, just searching for a priest. Spare priest, ma’am?

Long day at the office today, reading logs. Chilling out. Trying to find a PRIEST

Tempted to play some Warlock for fun. Hmmmm.

gonna eat some chipotle, looking over logs, vibing

join our guild, we like to talk about pokemon

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bumping this up, i’m tired this morning

After lunch buuuuump

Sending this upppp

bump bump bump here we gooo

Sending this up!!

Bumping again!

Ian I’m coming for u

Hungering prog tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

Sending this up!