Experienced Players LF Active Guild

Hey Shadymf,

We are an Alliance mythic raiding guild on Sargeras. We are 4/10M and 10/10H raiding on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-10PM CST. We finished last tier 9/10M and are pushing this tier for CE.

We are in need of a few DPS to help shape out our roster. Let me know if you are interested you can find me on discord at cabosetv#0275 or bnet at cabose#1677

Hey. Soul Squad, on Thrall, is looking for strong raiders and M+ players to join our raid team.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30 EST

Additional alt/casual heroic raid Sunday 7:30-10:30 EST

We consider all applicants/class/roles so please feel free to apply.
Actively recruiting flex players!

Feel free to reach out to me,

Bnet: Theonecake#1277, Discord: theonecake#4449

Hi Shady,

I recruit for Auggies Anonymous off of Illidan and I think we could be a great fit for your group. We are currently 10/10H in SoD and are just looking for more DPS before going into mythic. We raid Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm-9pm pst. If I have your attention and you wanna talk more please feel free to reach out to me via discord or bnet listed below.

Discord: RoyalFluffy#7454
Bnet: RoyalFluffy#11494

Hey friends !

Alliance Guild located on Kel’Thuzad

Raid days/times: Wednesday/ Thursday 7-10 server time (9-12 eastern for reference)

Needs: Tanks, Healers, DPS, (RDPS?) Everything!

Druids, Shaman, Mage, Warrior, Warlock, etc. Anyone will get a fair chance no matter your class or spec. Yes even you Feral.

We are an AOTC/Casual mythic progression guild. We are laid back and focus on community and building the bonds we have had since the birth of our guild back in legion.

We are currently 6/10 heroic 10/10 normal. We are normally clearing at a faster pace but classic wow and the declining population on KT has made recruiting a little difficult :frowning:

We might be casual but we love raiding and strive to push ourselves to get as far in mythic as we can. As the GM/RL of our guild I try really hard so my friends and members can succeed. We have a lot of our members/raiders living their best life back in the ol nostalgic TBC atm. Which I totally understand, but it has left us short handed for right now. Which has motivated me to push my self and try and get as much success I can for my team and our guild. I really want the people who are taking their time to raid with me and trust me as GM/RL to succeed.

Please comment if you are interested. I am sure we can figure out a way to communicate.

Thank you all for your time and I hope it doesn’t end up as a TL;DR.

Bubonict#1987 B tag / Ty - Resent#3575 Discord

Ashes of Exile is 9/10 Heroic and we are recruiting two or three more deeps for our mythic progression team. last tier we went 3/10 while rebuilding the core of the guild, and creating the raid environment and community that we want to foster going forward. Looking for a few more people to join us and progress into the new raid while keeping a fun raid atmosphere. We already do this well.

-What we bring to the table.-
We are adults- we show up to raids prepped, we have outlines for bosses, we respect each others time to the best of our ability while using discord for raid attendance and management.

Raid times are T/Th 8:30 to 11:30 EST

We Have fun- the point of the game is to have a good time, if you can do that raiding with us then awesome, if not do what you enjoy.

We Kill Stuffs (and things)- Our goal is to kill bosses, log in and use our time effectively during raid to actually down bosses and progress.

Community- We enjoy gaming together outside of wow too. when there is a lul in content we spend more time in other games and doing what piques our interest at the time, and we do lots of these other games together. We also encourage ksm groups, we have a few, and other forms of content outside of raid.

-What do you bring?-
Feel free to add me on Bnet at Drageneiretv#1423 or discord Dragen#4167 lets talk and see if we click and there is a good home for you here on A52!

mainly DPS, preferable ranged, highly interested in another mage, or Spriest but are happy to talk and see if we can find a fit.

Inexorable Brutality 4/10M raids tues/wed 8-11 server/central are looking to add ranged gamers to our roster who will show up and compete with our elite core of melee and add to our team and help in pushing us over the top as we aim towards CE, we’re a friendly tight-knit group of friends always looking to do better and would love for you to come be a part of it
Discord: Merker#0172

Hello, if Alliance would interest you we fit your times. See the spam below and feel free to add me if you have any questions!

We are a group of players who have been playing together as far back as BC/Wrath. Currently recruiting more for our Mythic raid team on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Some of us also play a few other games on off nights. If this is a community you would be interested in being in, please check out our spam below and contact us!

Imminent Failure is an adult raiding guild that focuses on raiding productively with a casual schedule. That being said we are looking for players who are interested in raiding with us.

We are running a two day schedule with a Thursday farm night.
Tuesday - 9:00 - 11:30
Wednesday - 9:00 - 11:30
Thursday - 9:00 - 11:30 (Optional farm night)

Please keep in mind that with we are looking for members to be able to commit to those days!

Add Tuatha#1661 (B.Net) for more info!

Hi! We have spots for all 3 of you if you’re interested in us add me.
Jaystir#1204 - discord

Hey Shadymf - sounds like a great fit! School impacted a few of our raiders and we are getting back into Mythic so filling out our roster! Give me a should on Discord! Shadow.

Nox Oriens (9/10H 1/10M SOD) is looking to add 3-4 DPS, main spec healer that can dps and a main tank or dps/tank for our Mythic roster. We also run a Casual Raid Team that is recruiting for all positions and is currently pushing through Heroics.

Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 9pm to midnight server (central) for both teams.

Nox Oriens is an Alliance guild based on the Sargeras server and we are a progressive, friendly raid guild. We have been raiding as a guild since 2007 and we are currently running two raid groups:

Tempest (Mythic Roster)

Ascendance (Casual Progression)

We maintain a friendly raid and guild atmosphere with ages in-guild ranging from 18 to grandparents and many of our raiders are parents. We have a liberal alt and friend invite policy for our raiders as well. We do some PVP and run M+ often.

We are always looking for great raiders but more importantly we are looking for excellent guild mates. If you believe you may be a fit for our culture and one of our raid teams, please contact:
BNET: Shadowjj#1695

Discord: Shadow#8257

We look forward to hearing from you.


Hey, I think you’d be a good fit with us.

[Tichondrius] LFM to round out the core team 7/10 H SoD- LF 1 Tank 2 Healers/ DPS - 2-Day wed/friday 6:30pm-9:30pm PST

About us:
Part time Pro here a Semi-casual Guild shooting for Cutting Edge every raid tier. We are recruiting to rebuild our core raid team after a slow to start to the beginning of shadowlands got to 8/10M CN. We are looking for players who can thrive at their role but also are also chill and have a good time while pushing progression together. Only a few slots are left for the core raid team but we will be holding an active bench with chances to show improvement and compete to earn a mythic raid spot. We are looking for people that are committed to raiding and just enjoy playing WoW

If interested or have any questions I would be happy to talk to you
Information is listed below
Btag- Lexinis#1476
Discord- Lexini#9424

We are 3/10 M looking for some more reliable players to prog with us. We raid tues.wed.thurs 630-930 CST. hit me up if interested


Hi Shady,

We are a very stable (12+ years) guild on Sargeras, currently 3/10M (AoTC) CN. We have some openings for DPS, I happen to be a big fan of mates wanting to play together. We are progression focused without sucking the fun out of the game.

Kindly Btag me if you’d like to chat further ~
guild Ascendance

Hey there Shady! We’re a laid back guild who are looking to round out our roster, and think our times suit you perfectly. Our main goal is to get AotC each tier, but we’re also looking to poke at some mythics when we have the roster. Many of us are “retired” prog raiders who just take it easy now. Our full details are below, along with my contact details, so hit me up if we sound like we might be a good fit!


We are currently the same progression and may be a good fit. We are finishing up Sylv and then progressing further into mythic.

Swampfox [Thrall]

Feel free to reach out:

Raid Times/Days: Tues/Thurs 8:15-11:30 PM EST

Current Progression: CN 6/10M, SoD 9/10H , 1/10 M

  • Discord -Colorstorm#8082,
  • Btag – Structure#1881, Hella#11196

Hey there, figured I’d drop my spam.

Let me know if you’re interested! [H][Area 52] <Umbral Ultimatum> 7/11 H, 10/11 N, 9/10 M SoD LF Mage LGBTQ+ Fri/Sat

{H} <Dojo> (Hyjal) 5/10M SOD (AOTC) T/W 9P-12A PST

We could use a few more good players, check us out!

Seer is an Alliance guild formed from people who have played on Proudmoore since WotLK. We got 9/10 Mythic Nathria and are currently 4/10 Mythic currently.

Our Goal is Cutting Edge on a 2 day progression raid schedule. We also have an optional 3rd Heroic night. We are looking for a few high-caliber players to join the team.

Our environment is more laid back, adult, with a focus on demand play style. We pride ourselves on a non-toxic raiding team and a fun atmosphere.

Our progression raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 8-11pm PST.
Tuesday is an optional Heroic night from 8-11pm PST

We are currently Recruiting!
-Could consider a strong Tank (DK or Monk)
-Could consider a strong melee DPS (DH, Rogue, or Enhance)
-Need 1 more healer (Paly or Druid)
-Open to all Range DPS, but would give a kidney for a skilled Shadow Priest

If you would like to apply or ask any questions Send a message on Discord to Tristan#8888

You can also add on Bnet if that works better for you.

3/10M guild, working on 4 and 5, would have a spot for you, and we are very accepting of everyone. Tue/thurs 8-11pm est , horde add div, misa, or myself…

Or join us on discord
bnet-Daaajester#1140, Div#1237, Misa#1615
Disscord- discord DOT gg/pXa3cVK2eH

Hey! Our progression is not quite as far along as yours, but we’re working to build a strong, close raid team not only for this tier, but all future tiers. If you are interested in heroic progression (and some mythic though probably not CE), we are 6/10 right now. We run Wed/Thur from 8p-10:30p eastern US time. I’d love to chat if you are interested. My battletag is TheSmugOne#1639.