BM Hunter & Lock LF Guild

Hey! BM Hunter & Lock LF raiding guild. Would love an active community that also does M +s. We aren’t looking to start raiding again until after the holidays. Logs available upon request.

Days & Time available:

Mon-Friday: 10pm-2am EST
Sat & Sun: Anytime

Bnet: Snow#18133
Discord: Snow :carousel_horse::ghost::cat2:#6188

we are still looking

I’d be careful of this one, she was a guild leader that straight up ghost disband her guild taking the guild bank with her. Guild: Christmas is Cancelled, after one bad night performance of raiding

Keep her on a short leash if you take the gamble, she duped some RL acquaintances of 100ks worth of gold

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First of all, our raid lead quitting is why I disbanded the guild & it definitely wasn’t just because of one bad night of raiding. Second of all, I sent everyone’s gold & what materials they had donated back & I only know of one person that donated that much. If I messed up & didn’t send something back they can message me & I would be happy to send it back.

Hey Gobstoper! She sent back the 3k you donated. I mean it’s not like you used mats that were farmed by me when you refused to eat or caused Wipes by being “an a$$”. Part of the problem.

Hey there you two, I know our first night ends a little past what you’re looking for but figured I’d shoot my shot. Here’s my link :slight_smile:

Still said noting to no one

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I didn’t give AF about 3k gold. How about Lyude’s 150k? You know, the real life friend. The way you ended the guild was like a child throwing a fit. This was easily the most toxic guild I’ve ever been a part of, serious projection on your part. I love that asking simple questions in raids is “being toxic and causing us to wipe”. Hope it works out for you two and you make better guildmates than you did leaders, for your new guilds sake…

I did get my gold back it just took it for everto come in the mail

Good, I’m gold they returned it. Doesn’t change the fact of how this whole situation was handled. Hope you find a new home, you seemed like a good dude


Thanks! You seem like a good dude too! We actually made our own guild and are slowly growing. If you are still looking for a guild, you are welcome to join ours! [H] [Area52] <Nobody Saw That> LFM for raiding Tues/Wed 10pm EST-1am EST