4/10M 227 Ele Shaman LF Weekend Raiding Guild

Good day all!

I achieved 4/10M back in late January. My guild called it quits during attempts on Inerva at the time. I was raiding on my DK at the time and have swapped mains over to my Ele Shaman now. More than happy to show logs and what not from that time on my DK.

I am getting back into the game now after the break and looking for a new home for 9.1 and beyond.

I am looking forward a guild (can be H or A) that raids between the following days/times:

Friday: 8pm PST - 12am PST
Saturday: 3pm PST - 12am PST
Sunday 3pm PST - 11pm PST

I don’t have any flexbility outside of those times.

Feel free to add me on Discord (Vercel#0054) or RID (Vercel#1538) to chat about your guild if you have a spot!

Knightowls (6/10M) is recruiting to bolster our roster looking to give ourselves some depth for current content and 9.1

Currently looking for ranged dps and hybrid specs, We’re laid back guild with a generally fun atomosphere if you’re interested contact me via discord or bnet

Raid times:
Saturday: 8PM - 11PM PDT (11PM - 2AM EDT)
Sunday: 8PM - 11 PM PDT (11PM - 2AM EDT)
Invites are sent 15 minutes prior to raid time (7:45 PM PDT)

Contact info:
Discord: Onyx “Felix1621” Bison#0922
B-Net: Felix#1621

Hey Vercel,
I know were a little off on Sunday but I’ll drop our info anyways incase.

[H][Area 52] <Umbral Ultimatum> 7/11 H, 10/11 N, 9/10 M SoD LF Mage LGBTQ+ Fri/Sat Dropping our spam in here. I know we end around a half hour off but figured I would give it a shot. Good luck!

Hi Vercel!
Please feel free to check us out if interested give us a poke!

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