[H/A]<Keystone Raiders>Raid W 6-9 PT | M+ Teams (need Pally/Druid/Lock)

Keystone Raiders is a new guild building a solid core of players for M+ teams and Normal and Heroic raiding.

Core Principles:
Inclusive — We welcome WoW players of any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

Respect — Members are expected to show kindness and respect to others inside and outside of our community.

Laid-back — Our culture and environment should be kept relaxed, chill and even-tempered, regardless of the challenge and level of the content being played.

Raid — Wednesdays from 6-9 PM Pacific Time starting November 22nd
M+ — Throughout the week from 6-9 PM Pacific Time

Needs — DPS, Flex Players (esp. Pally, Druid, Lock)

Core Team — We’re looking for players of all roles to fill our core team of raiders and keyrunners. Our core team is expected to commit to Wednesday raids and to running a minimum of four Keys (at an approptriately challenging level) with guild groups each week. Regular M+ teams with scheduled nights will be available throughout the week.

Auxiliary — We also welcome any players who are just looking to be a part of a guild with active M+ activity but aren’t ready to commit to raiding.

In-game — [A]Hansraj / [H]Hansraaj
Discord — Hansraj
BattleTag — Hansraj#1828

Looking for more for keys and raids!

Looking for more as we prepare for 10.2!

im lookin for a tank dps role

We need a co-tank and flex-tanks, so hit me up and we can talk.

Discord — Hansraj
BattleTag — Hansraj#1828

Still looking for DPS and Flex players for season 3!

Looking for Flex Players and DPS. Pally, Druid and Lock are high priorities