[H] [Mal'Ganis] <Project Cloverfield> LF Daytime/Morning Raiders for SL (11 AM CST/ST Wed)

Are you a player who wants to raid during the NA morning/daytime because you play from Europe, work the graveyard shift, or another reason? Do you want a community who plays at a similar time as you? Are you tired of logging into an empty guild and an empty friends list? Come join Project Cloverfield’s new daytime raid team and player base.

Heroic run - Wednesday 11 AM-2 PM ST (12-3 PM EST)
Optional normal run - Saturday 12 PM-2:30/3 PM ST (1-3:30/4 PM EST)

Project Cloverfield is currently a one-day-a-week AOTC raiding guild, now expanding to a daytime roster as well. Ideal raiders are those with previous AOTC/heroic experience, or just a passionate drive to be the best player they can be.

As of 11/13/20, we are mainly recruiting DPS, but will consider all roles. Going into Shadowlands, we will likely be starting on Normal before making our way into Heroic. We are happy to work with players to increase their performance via log analysis on request.

Formed back in Legion, current guild leadership has Mythic experience, including CE in the past 2 tiers. Most of us are in our 20s that like to run Mythic+ keys, play alts, collect mounts and tmog, and of course… juice the meters! We have an active discord with plenty of opportunity for other games as we have smaller communities in other games. New players, casual players, and non-raiders are also welcome to join us!

If you are interested or would like to know more, please reach out to me on:
Battlenet: Noelzy#11138
Discord: Noel#0993

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Added on both discord (Sombix) and battlenet (RoboSidewalk)

Bumping this now that we are a bit closer to our typical raid time (except on Wednesday)!

Bump! You could be raiding right now (and for the next two hours)!

If you’re reading this and want to raid in about 1.5 hours (but on Wednesday) come check us out!

Early morning bump!

Returning for Shadowlands? Check us out!

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Added you on discord Frosttomb#5687 hope we can chat soon :slightly_smiling_face:.

You guys still active?

Let me know if your still around!!