Exclude the twinks from normal que if this change goes through


It would be a huge issue if they are about to start selling 120 boosts. :wink:


That is usually the time of issues Ion and co like to “fix” are the ones nobody has an issue with.


The hate for twinks by the developers is disappointing


Twinks take people off of the Blizzard theme park ride. Therefore, they are bad.

Imagine spending time and money working on these kinds of changes… Managers have insane priorities.

(Caelin) #30

What they really need to do is fix the scaling issues that has created the situation they are trying to fix. Instead they are just trying to hide the power leveling while ignoring what made it possible to being with.

(Kaivax) #31

This won’t happen.

The change only affects groups that manually invite player characters who have XP off. There is no impact on players who find themselves automatically grouped by the matchmaker while doing PvP or Group Finder dungeons.

This change also doesn’t affect anyone who has turned off XP for their own benefit, such as plundering old raids while keeping their level low enough to use their Aggramar’s Stride boots.

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(Djarro) #32

That’s good to hear… officially.


Good job costing yourself even more subs. I personally pay for 5 accounts but with this and other changes I will drop down to 1 or finally just day screw it and drop all together.


Good job blizz, it’s the change we asked for. Keep up the good work.

(Nate) #35

Good bye.

Obligatory, “Can I have your gold?”


But what about cases where guildies might party up to queue for random dungeons together and one of them has XP turned off for their own benefit, do the guildies get punished for being in party with the person with XP turned off?


That’s boosting and is a BIG no-no.

(Huh) #38

Here’s an idea. Stop trying to police how people play your game, and just be thankful that you have people playing your game who find ways to make it fun.


Not wrong.



(Blammo) #41

Ok good. Problem solved. Now make leveling a less awful experience and we’ll all be happy

(Greymerk) #42

Can you please make this only apply to level 110-120? I have low level alts with experience frozen just so I can run leveling dungeons sometimes with friends that are leveling a new character. This is just a convenient way to avoid having to create endless low level alts in order to play with my friends. :neutral_face:

(Normercy) #43

Can we come up with a new name for “twinks”?


So basically i can NEVER help a low lvl friend on his queues cause my twinks gonna be toxic?
Nice job blizzard, realy nice.
Now i’ll never be able to play with my low level friends till they hit max lvl.


Why the hell does this change exist? Other than to sell the inevitable 120 boost. Seriously, It’s like this game is designed by an AI obsessed with balance more than anything being fun at all. I get you don’t make these decisions but jesus christ, what the hell is wrong with the dev team and their disconnect from reality?