<Demolition Crew> [H] 3/12 Leads LF Heals+Dps

Demolition Crew Is a guild on Area 52 [H] Looking for players that are friendly but performance and progress minded. We have 3/12 mythic raid leads, but are going for CE come Shadowlands. We also have people that love mythic plus, and some very casual arena play. Additionally, anyone that wants to just come hang out and be social is always welcome. We have people that are really in to mount farming and chatting with the guild, and that’s always great to have. This is a video game after all, and we play it for fun, but also want to clear content, so we expect a few things from our raiders.


  1. Be welcoming and friendly to all players in the guild. Don’t tell someone how to play their spec, don’t be toxic, just show up and play the game. We won’t scream elitism at you the second you mention parses, but we also don’t want you zoning in and inspecting everyone in the raid and checking their talents
  2. Be prepared. You should watch any videos that are sent by officers. You should have proper consumables, including flasks, pots, and food. You should show up on time and be ready to raid. If you can’t make it one week, you should give notice in advance. You should also have done your weekly WoW chores before raid.
  3. Always strive for improvement. It is expected that you at least take some time going over your logs and looking for ways to improve. Before you start complaining about somebody else’s low dps, you should looks for ways to improve yours. This is expected from everyone, so underperformers should already be aware of the issues and be improving each week.

What we’re recruiting:


  1. Veng Dh


  1. Mage (frost)
  2. Death knight (unholy)


  1. Shaman (ele off spec preferred)
  2. Hpal

If your spec was not listed, you can still apply.

Raid times:
7:30-11:00 pm Est Friday and Sunday

How to apply:

Message me on discord at ObtainedMango#4610

We have a lot of chill and relax players, that are willing to help together gear and learn.

We do dude our guild is honestly so sick y’all should hmu :wink:

Hey, please add me on Battle net if you don’t mind. Thank you very much.

Ya man I’ll do that do you have a discord I can message you on though?

Hey, im a tank looking to move into mythic in SL, do you still have that open spot?

Ya we do! Add me on discord and we can talk more about bringing you in.

Your discord name isnt coming up when searched?

Hmmm that’s weird how about you give me yours and I can add you


Thx dude I’ll add u

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raid times?

730-11 est Friday and sunday

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