Bulk Character Transfer

Time is money, Friend.

Character services should be less than half their current costs, and bulk realm transfers should absolutely be a thing.

I’d love to see the actual sales numbers for these, I imagine they would make a ton more revenue if the pricing was reasonable.


Those numbers would be based on how many people have paid for the service, not for the amount of people who would have bought it if it was cheaper. You’d be surprised how often common sense is left out of business decisions.

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I have way more money than I have time. Lol. I can think of nothing that would make me uninstall the game faster than having to re-level the same classes just to conveniently play with my friends. Leveling alts is already rough in this game, your suggestion to “just do it again,” doesn’t work for me, brother.

Another thing to consider is that this service has zero marginal cost, meaning it does not cost Blizzard a penny to provide one more character transfer (they spent money building the system to handle them automatically, but it costs nothing to use it at this point). They have, without question, paid for all of the development time on the initial setup already. So every time we buy one of these services, it’s pure profit. So don’t feel bad that I’m asking Blizz to give up a little of that.


FFXIV does “as many characters as you want for $18”.

Granted, I’m sure the fact that the game encourages you to do everything on a single character has something to do with that. Even so, I still have 3 max level characters with the mandatory story completed, because I prefer having alts that look different from each other.


Nah I don’t really like the idea


Yes, I can confirm that we intend to offer bundles of realm-to-realm character transfers for a discounted total price in a future update to World of Warcraft and the in-game Shop. This new offering will allow players to select multiple characters that are on the same account and move them all to a destination realm in one purchase.

We don’t have the final sizes, pricing, and date these new bundles will become available just yet, but we’ll let you know all of that as soon as possible.


Would also be nice if you merged/joined or otherwise consolidated the servers so people would not have to shell-out money to play the game.


Four characters cost already 100 bucks depending on the region you live. Honor your customers please and give the community reasonable prices.


Should be free.

Being punished because other players stop playing and then having to pay extra to keep playing feels pretty bad.


Bulk server transfers have been wanted for as long as there have been server transfers. After years and years, finally a blue post arrives on what should be a very popular topic.

It has been 21 minutes since the blue-post and there are only 4 responses. In the past, the first response to a blue-post would have arrived in seconds, not minutes. Has the community shrunk that small?


What about faction transfers? Or is cross-faction PVE coming also? XD

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Does this include transferring from account to account? because that would be nice. I have a second account with a bunch of toons that have some rare stuff and I want to play with them again, but I don’t care to have a second account any more.

Please please please make this somewhat affordable. I desperately want off of my RP realm but I have at least 5 characters I want to move.


Personally I think people who have the six-month sub running should have it for free. Why? Because most serious players already earn enough money through boosting so they can use tokens to get things done.

What a strange metric to gauge the size of the community by

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Now we just need region transfers, or just combine NA and EU


It was a response in a thread, not an actual Blue post. It’ll get more traction I’m sure.

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I’d rather they didn’t :slight_smile: I like small dead realms, some people want Azeroth to be akin to Times Square in New York with a bunch of people running around but I am more fond of big world few people. An adventurer in some far off remote lands battling the creatures and hunting for treasure :smiley: I can see cities being more populated. But I do agree there should be a way for players to get the experience that they want without additional payments.


Boosters are a tiny percentage of players. If the game is designed to inconvenience everybody who is not a booster, you’ll be playing alone pretty soon.


Another money grab from Blizzard as a “solution” to their failed setup.

Hey, players, we know our game is in a boring dry spell and all your friends are leaving because of this and you long to be on a server with real numbers as a result… Well, we got a solution, you can stay here and pay us more money to fix it… Low pop server… problem solved… pay us more.