Mass transferring characters


About 17 years ago when I started playing WoW in high school, I chose the Greymane (eastern) server because an older student played there. I recruited many friends to buy the game and join me on the same server. After I grew up, I realized since I live on the west coast, I should have picked a west coast server. I have regretted playing on Greymane because of the high ping. Every time I come back to the game during a new expansion release, I experience crippling connection issues during outdoor world content such as world bosses and even the fishing extravaganza. This always causes me to stop enjoying big parts of the game. I gave up on the fishing extravaganza when it ended after I had only caught one fish ( it took a few minutes to even get a cast to register ).

In other words, I have been having a worse game experience for over a decade because of the decisions I made as a 14 year old. I’m now 31 years old. Here is what I want:

Free mass character transfer for my friends and I from Greymane to any west coast server, preferably a high population one.

My friends and I refuse to spend over a thousand dollars to transfer all of our characters, all because I told them to play on Greymane when we were children.

Next steps for support staff: open a ticket with me and I can give you our account names and character names and we can discuss things further if needed.

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I know mass transfers, with discounts was a thing in the works. No information on when, how much, etc…

Just FYI, that’s not how it works, and contacting support now wouldn’t help anyway TBH.


Unfortunately, thats not something they will do.

Your options are to start fresh and level new toons on whatever server you want, or use the paid character transfer service. They are working on making a mass transfer option soon, id suspect we will see it next xpack more than likely. Which will give you a package discount on moving. But your not going to get a free transfer, thats not the way things work.

Raid times are a thing, but never noticed ping. The servers are in Chicago, Los Angela’s and australia

Quick bumpity bump, also in the same boat with old alts on different servers.

@devs: mass/bulk “wholesale” transfers for alts, when?

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There was a blue post on this about 6 months ago.
Something like… “coming soon”

My guess is whoever was working on it got shown the door

I live on the East Coast yet play on Central and West Coast servers. Never had that much of an issue, but even if I did? You’ve had 14 years to transfer bit by bit or start rolling on other servers. You might have been a kid starting out but there was nothing holding you there after that - you or your friends. I actually did pay to transfer the majority of my characters to another server, but I did them one at a time as I could afford to. I also rerolled heavens only know how many others. Other people have done the same. Free transfers would have been lovely, but servers chosen are on the players - children choosing or as an adult. I’d say be glad the paid transfers are even an option now.

Either way, while sometimes staff can assist in a paid transfer mishap, they don’t do this kind of things, not fourteen years later of ‘buyers remorse’. You’ve had plenty of time and opportunity to fix it yourself.

Luckily though, even without an ETA? Mass transfers will be available at some point in the future. But you and your pals will have to pay for it. There isn’t any way around that save for just re-rolling.