Un$ubbed | Ma$$ Exodu$ & Tran$fer$

Whitemane alliance is transferring to Benediction, they aren’t quitting lmao.

wow sounds fun. all the PvP servers turning into PvE because not having to deal with the other faction is the “meta”.

i guess retail had it right. remove factions, they’re pointless. we might as well just all being playing on the same team. this entire classic experiment is just “retail classic”


That’s a pretty pessimistic way of thinking. Isn’t the point of being able to have money to give them to spend it how I want? I’m fairly sure they’re not sitting in their office going, “we want this dude’s money! Let’s force him to buy another account!” :roll_eyes:

Makes no sense and is definitely reaching.

Pet collector? In WoW? I hate the Pokémon wannabe thing they brought into the game. I’ve dabbled, but could give a hoot about pets.

If it’s some sort of new slang term I’m not aware of, then … sure? :man_shrugging:t2:

I was in 2 guilds, and most of them quit, then the rest xferred.

Yup, that’s the outcome to this whole thing is that eventually everyone is on a PVE server.

I have 1 horde toon and on Fairbanks PVP, which was 60-40 in horde’s favor in classic, but now is 99% horde, making it effectively a PVE server now.

…wow, blizzard figured out how to triple dip on this disaster.

  • Paid boosts
  • Individual Transfers (which creates ghost towns)
  • Bulk Transfers = player paid server mergers

All good on Plantet Pagle. Killing bosses with good people.

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That’s just great. I transferred 5 characters last week because my server was so low pop the game was unplayable as a MMO. At this point nothing you do will make me feel good about this shtty company. Fix your gd problem, don’t profit off it with discounted transfers.


Not everyone is thin skinned like you and aren’t affected by petty insults.

Yet you are so quick to respond to let me know how hot you are over my comments.

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24 minutes later…

…1 minute later.

You’re the one that replied in under a minute not me, but I personally don’t see quick responses as a weakness like you do. The content you provide on there other hand is your weakness, since you speak like a coward and are unable to hold dialog with any maturity to stay on topic.

Go ahead and move along before your embarrass yourself any further.

You are only proving their point with these long winded multi quote posts lol

are you sure about that?

Unsubed when I saw the blue post about mass PAID server transfers.

This company does not care about their customers, they only want your money.

Will never buy a blizzard product again. Lets go brandon!


You think you do, but you dont. - Blizzard -

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I really did. But then blizzard made a bunch of changes, and poorly managed things.

I thought I did, but blizzard made sure I don’t.



Like always, only language Blizzard understands is $Money.

…and blizzard ensured that we wouldn’t by selling boosts before launch to completely ruin server and faction population balance. weeeeee

I think this language is universal for businesses.



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yup. you thought you did, and you did, but blizzard made sure you didn’t. lol

At this point it will be more efficient to build a time machine and go back to 2004 to enjoy Vanilla/TBC than letting Acti-Blizz “recreate” anything.

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Here’s another topic that slipped and fell through the cracks. What do they all have in common? No acknowledgement.

Doing exactly what Customer Service said to do. Post in the forum.


So the blind, silent, deaf, DEVS can see that my realm wasn’t the only one that died.

Customer Service closed my ticket but I’m not letting these post get lost in the void.

What is your response to this BLIZZ?

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