Is it bad to be mean when you love a game?

On that topic, an apparently large portion of the posters using this sub-forum seem to think that people employed by Blizzard Entertainment actually read what’s typed here beyond the moderators.

They do not in any measurable way. When was the last time an employee engaged with the customers here in general discussion? Was it late Pandora, Legion, early BFA, or? /shrug

Blue posts are generally handled like this, “I’m going to drop this update info here”… (closes the browser.)

The only time the company posts anything in general discussion is strictly for promotional or quality control purposes. It’s in a neglected state as far as I’m concerned.

It’s funny when they search recent posts to add their bug fix notes to pretend that they’re not just a computer generated response.:slightly_smiling_face:

Blizzard, we gave you the World of Warcraft General Discussion forum, so go there and leave us alone.

This isn’t necessarily true they say they don’t always comment on posts because it may derail a conversation for example. And they do post at times even recently but it just doesn’t happen as much as it perhaps used to in the past.

I looked over the blue tracker.

Can you link 1 post that isn’t an update to what they were currently working on? Say, a response to some form of feedback from the community?

I don’t like sounding so negative, but I have been reading this forum daily for the last 3 years, and I can’t think of one. Point of interest, I unsubbed at the start of SL and could post gifs on day 2 after subscribing again 2 weeks ago.

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The one I was thinking of was relating to more customization for races they said they were going to be working on based on player feedback.

That’s good and all, but we both know they were working on that anyways in an effort to clean up their public image.

Here’s one on requesting bulk transfers as well.

The more you care about something, the more you’re going to want it to succeed. Negative Feedback is largely just people wanting the game to improve, because in their eyes, it got worse at some point.

That’s the issue though. Everyone has a different idea of what the game should be. What’s good for the game, what’s bad for the game, where resources should be spent. And none of them are fully right or wrong, because its subjective.

But even if it comes from good intentions (even if it doesn’t seem like it), being negative all the time is unhealthy. Gotta be able to appreciate the good stuff too.

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I think what may get lost in negative feedback is it’s not supposed to be personal. I know I’m not always good ( probably rarely ) at keeping it constructive but on the flip side sometimes the building needs to be on fire before leaders realize there needs to be change.

There is a good way to express criticism, and there is a bad way. Criticism itself isn’t an issue, but this is the forums, here is the place to voice your issues and criticisms. Here you can make nice threads about the game or perceived problems.

And you can also make Sunday posts that turn into 10k view posts where you raged against the game well before anyone else did. I thought better start early on the feedback in a funny way at least.

I don’t even mind the art of trolling. If it’s a good troll it can be a fun read. Imho people are too sensitive nowadays. I miss the more chaotic, trollish and brutal forums of the BC days.

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Is it bad to be mean if you love anything or anyone ?

Definitely not!

BTW, how is it going with the extended maintenance in WoW ?

Anything good came out of it ?

I think it’s fine to criticize something your invested in…especially given the amount of time many of us invest, along with our money. It’s important to know the point where critical fandom turn to stressful obsession though.

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Trolling can be fun, unless taken to the extreme. Feedback, whether it be positive or negative, can be good. Providing feedback to a company, such as Blizzard is fine on social media. Regardless of your feelings towards them, providing unsolicited feedback to devs via social media is bad. Context is everything

I remember that.

Honestly I can’t stand when a fandom becomes senselessly toxic. Another example was Undertale. It’s one of my favorite mythos to explore. But actual fans decided to take it upon themselves and actually bully and shame streamers for playing it wrong. Nobody likes backseat gaming, and the truth is, with games like Undertale being as complex as they are is able to adapt to a near infinite amount of scenarios dictated by the most subtle of nuance. No two people are going to share the exact same experience with a game like that, it’s impossible. But it didn’t mater, if you didn’t click on the book case on the opposite side of the room all hell breaks loose.

Not nearly as dramatic as what led to the Steven Universe thing, but it is bizarre to see people taking this way too seriously, and letting it affect them to such a degree that they must take it upon themselves to be the morally righteous vigilantee and police how you are allowed to enjoy a piece of content.

I feel like the same thing is beginning to happen (to a lesser extent) with FFXIV. Whether some people don’t like it or skip the MSQ for whatever reason, it doesn’t take much for what everyone seems to unanimously agree is a better and more welcoming community to suddenly devolve into a cluster.

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Yeah that was not cool vibes of that fandom. Thankfully Deltarune folks are a bit more mellow since the Undertale fandom grew up a little.

( Altho I’m sure some of them would be very triggered that I stumbled upon the Snowgrave route on my first playthru. Completely by accident )

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There’s a difference between being critical and being a brat

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I didn’t even know that was a thing until I watched it on youtube, browsing the inner crevices of the fandom. Honestly I’d be more bothered by the fact that it’s in the game in the first place. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and makes you look at the game through a completely different lense which is always nice. but I got massive, massive control freak vibes from that. Kinda bothered me on a personal level.

Kinda hard to explain it. It was both cool and …creepy.