New Shop Item - Bundled Transfers

All of your server imbalance worries will be over soon!

See, they care!


[Edit: Note] It appears to be for Retail only, but no doubt its coming here in time]


Make no mistake, this is player paid server merger.


I heard that was for retail only.

Either way, it’s as much of a useless non-solution and even an anti-solution as the 25% off was.

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It’s Retail. They are already mostly merged anyway.

Maybe, yeah. The more I think about it, the more I keep coming back to the idea of characters not being locked to servers, and servers not being eternal. If we log into our character, and then select from a list of realms based on the current online population, while having friends and guilds all operate over battlenet, we could also have whatever types of population, faction balance, whatever filters on a per-server basis.

Anyway, the way it stands, for people who really have to keep playing their characters, and also want to be on different servers, we have server transfers. For people who don’t want to pay, we can just reroll.

And considering that we are soon getting SoM, I think just rerolling seems like it is not that big of a deal.

We deserve some type of communication from Blizzard about what’s happening with TBC Classic realms, anyway. This service will no doubt come to WoW Classic - we should refuse it until some free services are offered for our playerbase.


The reason they have not even bothered to lift a finger is because people are still paying transfers to move to mega servers.


No doubt. I don’t blame players for wanting to experience the game as it should, rather than abandoning their characters and time invested into the game. However, cancelling their subscription and leaving feedback should be the route for most. Sadly most players are jaded and rather pony up $25 per character and eat the loss.

I have less than a month remaining and will not be subscribing any longer unless there is some type of response or even acknowledgement of what is happening. I’ve never seen so much radio silence from an MMO Developer team before.


Well, that’s cool – after I bought transfers for all my characters on two accounts. :expressionless:

They are really squeezing every dime that they can get out of transfers. I haven’t been too critical of the direction that the game has gone in, but this is just straight greed. God forbid they merge the low population servers before offering this service.

Yup, I’m in the same boat. I’ve unsubbed until they offer a server merger or bulk xfer that is not paid by the players.

They should have put population limits on servers, and faction limits on servers, for starters. More controversial changes would have been adjustments to racials because that was the driving force that ruined our servers, and then no need for HvH battlegrounds.


Yeah I mean I know we’ve had a discussion on this before. For what it’s worth I don’t think rerolling is really that bad. If you don’t boost it doesn’t cost extra, you get to get a feel for the server, and deciding it’s not the right server at a low level isn’t a big deal, etc.

It’s nice that you found friends on Faerlina and have that leveling guild. I’ll be playIng SoM as well.

Anyway, it would have been good if Blizzard would have done something, anything… and in my opinion sales do not count. Even changes that I wasn’t a fan of. We’ve had so many people coming on here just trying to do anything they can for help to even play the group content in the game. Some of them write really polite and thought-out posts. Just trying to get any sort of answer. That’s what’s bugged me the most.

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That’s fair, and I mean yeah a lot of them do. However, it also always seems to be some wording of, “I’m angry. I blame others. I won’t do anything myself.”

Of course, it is understandable that people are disappointed that the population of their server has changed over time, and perhaps there are things that the developers could do to change the way that the game works, and mostly has for well over a decade that would appease those people.

I mean, I can think of some changes that I would consider to be improvements. Though, I will point out that I haven’t developed an MMORPG nor maintained a community as such a massive scale, so there are doubtless myriad variables that I don’t even think to consider when it comes to making changes.

Anyway, all that to say, if someone is angry, and they are begrudgingly playing, but will not, on principle (or whatever) do anything to improve their situation, then I suspect either they just want to complain, or they want to quit, but would rather not admit it, and are looking for something to blame it on.

We definitely can play and enjoy this game in its current state. And for me personally, I’m making an effort for my own enjoyment. So, I’m not posting here to shut down anyone who wants to complain. If someone wants to voice their opinion, they should, imo. I am posting here to make mention that if you’re not having fun, there are options that can help to change that.

Thats actually a decent fix.

You just want it for free. It could be a $2 fee and you would still crab about it.

Because that worked so well with, Cata,MoP,WoD,Legion,BfA, and Shadowlands amirite?

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Create a problem, sell a solution


Well, IMO it’s not a fix. it’s nice that you think a sale or discount from a company only trying to make money is a fix though.

I have multiple accounts and canceled one only because of how Blizzard has handled things (it was sitting on auto-rebill for no real reason). How many accounts do you have? It’s not about the money for me, it’s about other stuff.

Looking at your post history you seem to mostly just troll so no surprise here.

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Imagine brown nosing Activision.


Pay up or shut up.

Pretty much.

Its easy to see that you have no idea how business works.

and you are obviously the kind of poster that labels any opinion you dislike as a troll. Please spare me your grumpiness.

Yes its brown nosing because I’m not throwing a tantrum on the forums. Get real. You could always unsub if its that big of an issue to you.

You sound… upset.

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