Bulk Xfers when

I have 5ish toons on 2 separate realms that I want to bring to my main realm… I’ve already paid for 4 characters to move when there was a sale but I really don’t want to pay for another 5.

You said it was coming, please provide us with an update!


Even if they do provide this soon, what makes you think the bulk price would be cheaper than the individual price during a sale?

They over charge on these services for a reason.

There’s 0 shot the bulk xfer for 5+ toons would be more expensive than doing it individually during a sale. Likely the bulk would go on sale as well.

I’m imagining a $10 fee per character when done in bulk or $15 per if you want to change factions as well.

Because they literally said it would be. LOL

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Probably when cross faction is implemented or shortly before

Yah that is what I believe they’ll do, but would be nice to just get that confirmed and not forgotten.

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