Bulk Character Transfer News?

Maybe the wrong forum to ask, but has there been any news regarding the Bulk Character Transfers?

It was mentioned back in October in a blue-text post and I haven’t seen any updates since then.


Do you have characters that you’re waiting to transfer? I know I have at least 6 I’m looking to swap servers with.

Nothing new to update since the blue post stating they were looking into it. I’m waiting for it to come online so I can move my toons as well.

yup I too have been waiting and looking for an update, got a few 50s that need to transfer off a dead realm

Same. A bunch of 50s from BFA that I’d love to join the rest of my crew on another server. I mostly just want them on there so I can mail stuff back and forth - Tmogs mostly - but the system doesn’t allow that. Really wish instead of things being Soulbound they were Bind to Account.