Silly question

So I often see that you can buy things in the shop w/ gold, but I don’t see how to do it. How do you do it?

Second silly question, does this cover services? Looking to move some guys from one server to another and would much rather pay gold that $25 usd.

When you use the WoW Token, it gives you the option to convert it into $15 dollars of Blizzard Balance instead of a 30-day sub. It does cover WoW services, as well as other Blizzard games and their services, as well.


What Doness said. You buy the WoW Token in the auction house.


Thank you guys.

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If you can, I would wait! they announced the other day that they were working on putting together some kind of packaged character transfer.

no more details than that, but it might save you some dollars/gold.

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you have to buy WoW tokens via the AH via gold then turn the tokens into bnet balance and that is how it’s done. you can ONLY buy things that can be bought with bnet balance however so if you are looking for say an active sub that cannot be done with bnet balance. instead you can buy X amount of mounts for a flat rate.

i don’t remember but i believe it is exactly the same price so it doesn’t matter the biggest issue is i think the 6 month sub mounts they offer from time to time idk if that gets put in if you buy the flat rate 6 month or if you literally need to sub and then unsub so you don’t get billed.