Bad Luck Protection on Legendary Axe and How It Works

I understand there is a certain mystique to secrets and acquisition but can the mechanics of the embers and item drops just be plainly revealed in a blue post or something? This legendary is already a huge headache with the potential cost of even making it.


Greetings heroes of the Dream!

While Mythic champions begin to harness the intense Shadowflame within Fyr’alath the Dream Render, we’d like to share some details on how other denizens of Azeroth may get their hands on this igneous item.

We have observed many thousands of Evokers swooping down into Aberrus to forge their new legacy and heard their triumphant roars echoing eternally upon acquiring Nasz’uro. We’ve also heard feedback about how this process felt for players and have made some adjustments for Fyr’alath’s acquisition with that in mind, in hopes of better aligning players’ chances and effort.

Fyr’alath can be obtained with any loot specialization for Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors by defeating Fyrakk within the heart of Amirdrassil on all difficulties, which will be very rare on Raid Finder difficulty (when available) and significantly increases in drop rate with each difficulty. As with Nasz’uro, completion on higher difficulties will include your chances from all uncompleted lower difficulties that week–this also includes the cumulative increase in chances for future weeks.

The cumulative increase to your drop chances will now be available from all difficulties and will be directly represented by players receiving a Greater Ember of Fyr’alath when defeating Fyrakk. Additionally, defeating other encounters within Amirdrassil on Heroic or Mythic difficulty has a chance to award a Lesser Ember of Fyr’alath which will further attune you to the Shadowflame, increasing your cumulative chances on both difficulties. Beyond that, Fyr’alath will continue to drop as Group Loot from Fyrakk on Mythic difficulty at a greatly reduced chance.

We hope these adjustments allow this legendary to continue to serve as an aspirational goal for all players, while providing additional incentive and reward for those who wish to challenge themselves on higher difficulties.


There is actually a pretty lengthy article out right now with some good info that the Greater Ember is actually bugged and anyone who uses it (Like myself) gets no benefit from it. Can we confirm they are currently working as intended?


Hello Abàddon,
The Embers of Fyr’alath are working as intended and progress is being made. To help with clarity on the Embers, we’ve recently updated the tooltip text to confirm that the items are permanently increasing your chances of acquiring Fyr’alath the Dreamrender.


Fantastic to hear, thanks for the follow up.

Scenario clarification, do these yield that same chance to drop?

Run LFR, get Greater Embers, use Ember
Run Normal, get Greater Ember, use Ember
Run Heroic, get Greater Ember, use Ember


Run Heroic only, get Greater Ember, use Ember

Do these two scenarios yield the same results? Does a Greater Ember granted from a week where only Heroic was done count as if you do all lower difficulties?


It is really confusing with it not having an effective counting what the exact value is you get.