[A]<Inevitable> AOTC Weekend Raiding Guild LFM

[A] - Inevitable - Weekend, AOTC-Focused Raiding Guild

US - Elune, Gilneas, Laughing Skull, Auchindoun, Cho’gall

About Inevitable:
Inevitable is a new raiding guild formed again at the launch of Shadowlands (though originally created back in TBC for alts). We’re focused on having a good time and getting to see the content that we’re paying money to play. We work hard to make sure that everyone, regardless of class, skill level or experience gets to feel like a proper WoW player.

What you can expect from us:
A friendly and focused environment.
Enjoyable members.
Positive communication and feedback.

What we want from you:
A passion for the game.
Social and friendly attitude.
A drive to improve or help others improve.

Saturday and Sunday: 12:30 - 3 PM EST - Heroic Raiding
Wednesday - 8 PM EST - Alt/Normal Raid Nights

What we’re looking for:
We are looking for strong DPS and flex role players, with a current emphasis on Evokers, Mage, Warlocks and Monks! With the upcoming release of 10.2, many people are chomping at the bit to try new roles and classes, so don’t be worried if we didn’t list your class!

Anything else:
Weekday nights are entirely optional. We have an active Discord even though we are a small guild. We are alt friendly as well! Our goal is to be “drama free” as cliche as that sounds, so we do try to avoid things like politics and whatnot in our chats. #1 focus is on having fun in WoW :slight_smile:

How to apply:
You can contact our GM, Ahnur, at his Battletag: Honor#11180
You can also contact Ahnur on Discord at: AlexP#1989
You can also join our cross-realm community if you’d like to chat with us or play together more casually at: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/OVrb5owFvW4?region=US&faction=Alliance

Thanks for giving us a once over. Hope to talk to you soon!


Raider.io link here:


Mostly pretty cool except for that Stindu guy. He’s the worst.

Otherwise 10/10 would kill stuff with them again.


Our locks bake our cookies with real butter. You don’t find that in just any guild.

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Things we have: lots of good banter. lots of alts (which means lots of folks who want to run stuff at all levels). lots of pet pictures in discord.

Things we don’t have: That One Jerk.

So unless you’re gonna be That One Jerk, join us!

Bumping for visibility.

Another bump for visibility! :slight_smile:

Bumping! Welcome to 9.1!

I thought I was that one jerk … now I am sad

Also bumping for visibility

Did you know? Out of every Guild that’s currently in Gilneas, none of these Guilds aside from this one has me in it.

So, I work a rotating schedule and have every other Wednesday off and every other Saturday off. Would I still be aloud to casually raid with yall?

Bumping! Spoke with Omega, we can definitely make that work and I’m happy to say he’ll be joining us as we kill Sylvanas!

Bumping again! Come join our shenanigans!

Bumping for visibility :smiley:

We’ve received a lot of talented new members from this post, so I’m bumping again to keep us in line of sight!

Bumping for continued presence. Tanks, Healers and DPS are all welcome!

Bumping. Come push Heroic with us!

Bumping this up! All are welcome!

Bumping, still looking for recruitments! :slight_smile:

Continuing to bump as we continue to progress through heroic SoD!

5/10 H and moving forward. We’re still looking for everything!