231 7/10H Warlock LF AOTC/KSM Team

Searchin for my new home. Can raid 6 to 11pm cst every day except sundays(preferably, exceptions can be made). Have timed a 15 on my priest, but not this toon yet. Pref to go horde, but can stay ally. exp is 3/12M NYA, AOTC CN. Also interested in pvp community or guilds. Contact @ Maddexx#11548 on bnet. Prefer 2 hour a night guilds as my scheudle is wack.

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Hows it going, would love to chat if our times work for you. Our info is in our recruitment post:

Feel free to give us a looksie at:

Hey Melinle :slight_smile: Hope your reset day was good and your box was helpful <3

I am Gm/RL of the Exclusive Outcasts on Kel’Thuzad. We are an alliance guild :slight_smile:
Casual mythic prog guild/ AOTC guild.

We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays as of right now. Sometimes we switch to Tuesday to fit schedules. We are 9/10 heroic, 1/10 Mythic in the Sanctum of Domination! We are in need of raiders right now! We have lost a quite of few people to classic and have some people stepping away from the game right now. We are looking for tanks, healers and DPS! We need it all!

As of right now we have consistently have 2-3-9 to 2-4-12. We have one of our DPS mains as tank right now. Current needs:
Tank :
Any type! We are rocking warrior/Druid right now.
Healer :
Shaman, druid, monk, pally. We will take a priest but we already heal with 3 :slight_smile:
Warlock please! We need one badly! DK, Druid, Mage, ETC. We would take about anything of course!

PVP in the future, keystone nights on the weekend :slight_smile:
Bubonict#1987 B tag / Ty - Resent#3575 Discord

Hit me up on my socials above, would love to chat!

Still in the search!

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