LF Daytime Guild

LF daytime guild/community that raids or pushes M+. Preferred time is 8am-1pm EST or CST. I work nightshift. LF nothing sweaty and chill group. Can roll either faction.

Just starting back and haven’t played seriously for a couple of expansions. Did clear 10/10 CN normal and some heroic on my priest. Have a priest and a warrior. Prefer DPS but would heal or tank (with coaching). Not scared of discord.

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Hey there,

I think we might be a nice fit, though our timeline may or may not work. Either way, feel free to give us a looksie :slight_smile:

Hey you sound like a great fit for our team. We raid Saturdays at 8am est till 11am once a week

Hey Youngbean,

We are need of a DPS. we are 4/10M and looking for a Spriest. we raid Sat/Sun 9am to Noon PST

Hit me up on Bnet. Rhuudii#1791