Rdps lf mythic weekend guild

Alliance or Horde, CE ideally but happy to help build up to that as well.

“Mythoclast” is looking for ranged dps or a rogue!

we raid SUN/MON 8-11pm EST .

you can contact me @ bnet jrzo#1414


I can leave our information and hopefully we will be able to get some more information from you. If we sound like a good fit, please let us know! I am looking for players for our 9/10M team that raids 7-10pm EST Sat/Sun.

[H] 9/10M 6hr Sat/Sun Pandamonium-Mal’ganis for 9.1 - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hi there! I am a recruiter for Squadron-Mal’Ganis. I just started recruiting again as 9.1 has finally gotten that long awaited release date. Our main raid team raids F/S 8-11 pm EST and finished off at 5/10M before the raid group as a whole decided to take a break. A lot of it came from a few players having IRL family emergencies and were going to be in and out of the hospital as well as dealing with losses. With that said majority of the raid team will be coming back for 9.1 and we are going to be pushing for AOTC then try to progress as far into mythic as possible, hopefully getting close to CE with each tier that passes. The raid team is very relax and chill. We believe in having an environment where we nurture growth, not just in individuals skills but as a group. Other than that, our guild have a few KSM and people who love to push keys. Anyways, if you’re interested add me on discord and we can talk about it a bit more arex#0920

Trash Parse on Thrall has only completed AoTC on the prior raid tier but we are under new management and will progress into Mythic raid content. We currently have a high need for ranged dps. If you’re still looking hit me up and ask away. Lok’tar!

Discord: DeluxeNachos#4931
Bnet: Krabapple#1282

Feel free to give us a lookover at:

Heya, please take a look and contact me if you’re interested!

[A] [US] [Cenarius] Questionable Tactics
Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 9am to Noon PST.
Looking for: All DPS, preference for ranged

Questionable Tactics is a semi-hardcore alliance guild on Cenarius. Castle Nathria was our first tier doing mythic and we got 6/10M despite stopping raiding in March due to real life circumstances. We are aiming to get CE in Sanctum of Domination, which we feel is a realistic and achievable goal.

We are very proud of the community we have built and grown within the guild, and are searching for players will be a good fit in the guild and have a good attitude toward raiding & mythic+. If you are interested in raiding with us, please contact me for a chat.

Xenium#11184 on Battle.net
Xenium#0624 on Discord

Hey Krethanann-

We are 8/10M CN guild, that will be CE for SoD in 9.1. Just need to fill the last few spots on our roster. If you want to have fun raiding and can make Friday/Saturday 6pm-9pm PST, hit me up and lets see if it will be a good fit. The core of us have raided together since orignal TBC, and we are a non PC guild as we like to joke around a lot. I will send you a request but if you dont get it and are interested add me.

Discord: Nexed#4210
Bnet: Nexed#11653


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