Resto Shaman LFG Semi casual 9/10 H 240 ilvl

Hi All, I am currently looking for an active guild to join, I enjoy raiding and running Mythics, I am however not hard core but always trying to get better at healing. Preferably a guild that raids during week is best. Willing to transfer also. Thanks

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Hey there Shamazingone! We are in search of Resto Shaman :slight_smile:

Optimal Baddies is a guild founded by long-time gamers who enjoy playing with friends while pushing content at a reasonable pace. Many members of Optimal Baddies are players who have previously pushed Cutting Edge content and are looking for a more relaxed environment where we can smash our faces against our keyboards and kill bosses.

At the beginning of 9.0, we were only planning on pushing heroic content. When our friendships and player skill grew, we decided it was time to jump into mythic content and see how far we can get. We started Mythic prog very late into the tier and finished at 5/10M. We plan to push as far as we can for this tier without losing our minds, with the hopes of working towards CE.

Server: Area 52

Faction: Horde

Raid Times:
Your life outside of WoW is important, and our raid times reflect that. We want to have fun and goof off without feeling like our lives revolve around raiding and prog. With such short raid times, we put an emphasis on getting fast pulls and working together to figure out how to progress bosses quickly.

7:30PM-10PM EST Tuesday/Thursday - Mythic Progression
7:30PM-10PM EST Saturday - Heroic/Normal Alt Clear
7:30PM-10PM EST Wednesday - Community Key Night - working with guild members to push their keys, work on KSM, and have fun together!
Pushing keys all throughout the week at various levels
Current Progression:

5/10M Castle Nathria
10/10N 6/10H Sanctum

What are we looking for?

1 or 2 healers to fill out our healing comp
A few DPS to fill out our Mythic roster
DPS and Healers for our Heroic/Alt raids - any classes or specs welcome!
Of course, if you are proficient with another class and would like to apply, we will consider you!
Recruitment Contacts:

Discord - Goldfish#7851 (GM)
Battlenet - Goldfish#1198
Looking forward to hearing from you!

–| Rain | – is a newly formed guild devoted to creating a fun, engaging, raid atmosphere that focuses on progression and player improvement. We are led by Cutting Edge (CE) experienced raiders who are dedicated to our raiders. We value your time and will always work hard to make sure it’s well spent raiding with us. If you are interested in helping us grow, please apply below. Here are a few things we feel sets us apart from other guilds.

Your loot is yours! We will NEVER ask you to give up your hard earned loot.
Multiple Raider Ranks. The longer you raid with us the higher your raider rank and privileges grow. (You can find more info on Guild Ranks bellow)
Open Officer Meetings. You won’t see our officers running into a private channel after the raid! We discuss player performance, fight strategy, and guild direction openly. We are a team!
Community Representative (CR). All guild members may vote bi-weekly for their representative. The guild member with the most votes is rewarded the rank of CR which has all Officer privileges and will be the guild’s voice during Officer Meetings.
A Gaming Community not just a WoW Guild. We play a handful of other games like Final Fantasy XIV, MineCraft, Pokemon Unite, and much more! We believe a guild that games together stays together!
Our goal is to complete 10/10 Heroic Sanctum of Domination each week until we grow a roster strong enough to tackle Mythic. If you are interested in helping strengthen our roster please apply below. We have core spots and officer positions available!

Current progress is 9/10 Heroic 1/10 Mythic. Core Raid times are Tuesday - Wednesday 9-11:30PM EST with an optional raid voted each week by the Guild (has been Saturday evening)

Contact us on Discord - Bwill#0463

Hey Shamazing!

MGB (2/10M & AOTC) is currently recruiting! Message us if you’re interested in joining!!

Discord: Ali_A#1167
Discord: Deadlift#4338

Guild Environment:
We are a mature all around guild with the largest social community in our server faction. We are mainly focused on raiding progression but during non-raid days we dabble in high-end PvP and M+ content as well.

Raid Team:
Our raiding goals are to grow our team and take down all the Mythic bosses we can!! Off-meta specs and covenants are welcome if you can play them well. We foster learning and improvement in our raid group but we will bench players when needed in order to kill a boss.

What we’re looking for:
Any strong players but especially a Death Knight, Druid, Monk, Priest, Rogue, or Warrior.

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 pm Eastern to 11:30 pm Eastern

VODs of our raids:

Hey Shamazingone, I’m the raid leader for Jellyfish on Zul’jin.

We’re currently 10/10H and 3/10M SoD. We raid Weds 9-11p EST and Sat 8-11p EST.

I’ll link a few things from our recruitment post but feel free to reach out and just talk one on one if you’d prefer that. Discord: Yaim#7344 // Btag: Yaim#11909 :grin:


  • AOTC every tier with mythic prog after that.
  • Breaks (specially nearing the end of the tier) are welcome to prevent burnout.
  • No CE goals, and no hard pushing mythic. We still are a MYTHIC guild. We expect people to go through logs (or ask for help), make changes when asked, keep their characters competitive and be a team player!
  • We strive to be better after every wipe, and still have fun with it on a light schedule :slight_smile:

Extra Guild Stuff

  • Community is very important to us so: Twice a month we plan non-raid activities such as: Mounts, mog runs, achievements, dueling tournaments, jackbox nights and transmog contests.
  • We aim for a weekly RBG night. (1800-2k mmr))


  • working professionals
  • Nights and weekends are our most active times.
  • We have no room for elitism or rude people. Everything can be approached from a standpoint of literally just respecting other humans.


Hey I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you! Our guild sounds like what you are looking for, we have been raiding together for 5+ years and value fun and enjoyment more than raw progression. We raid Tues/Wed 6-9pm PST and are currently 10/10H 2/10M and have prospects to go further this tier! Last two tiers we were 9/12 and 6/10M.

You can check us out at US KJ horde Loot Box
You can get a hold of me @ Maudem#7613 (discord) or on battletag @ Stardate12#1178

Would love to have a conversation with you and see if you would be a good fit!

Hey there. We have an immediate spot for a healer.
Looking for anyone interested in raiding and becoming a part of a long term group.
We have been raiding together since mid Wrath (over 12 years!)

If this is something you are interested in, and are able to raid Tues-Wed 7-11 EST let me know!

Add me on Discord Metrolol#1206

Hey! We are looking for a healer to fill one of our raid spots. We are 9/10 H and 1/10 M looking to push more into mythic. we raid 7:30 PM CST - 10:30 PM CST.

if you interested in talking more, here is btag: Ezdix#1427

Hey friend! Naughtytime here :slight_smile:
I am Gm/RL of the Exclusive Outcasts on Kel’Thuzad. We are an alliance guild :slight_smile:
Casual mythic prog guild/ AOTC guild.

We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays as of right now. Sometimes we switch to Tuesday to fit schedules. We are 10/10 Normal, 9/10 Heroic in the Sanctum of Domination! We also sit 1/10 mythic with some prog on The Eye!
We are in need of raiders right now! We have lost a quite of few people to classic and have some people stepping away from the game right now. We are looking for tanks, healers and DPS! We need it all!

As of right now we have consistently have 2-3-9 to 2-4-12. We have one of our DPS mains as tank right now. Current needs:
Tank :
Any type! We are rocking warrior/Druid right now.
Healer :
Shaman, druid, monk, pally. We will take a priest but we already heal with 3 :slight_smile:
Warlock please! We need one badly! DK, Druid, Mage, ETC. We would take about anything of course!

Bubonict#1987 B tag / Ty - Resent#3575 Discord

Hit me up on my socials above, would love to chat! :slight_smile: good luck

Hey Shamazingone!

You sound like you would be a great fit for our guild/raid team!

Our core raid group is currently 7/10 Heroic SoD but we are looking for more to join our ranks. Our goal is always to work towards AOTC and some mythic content for those who are interested in doing so. For the right people with the right attitude, we don’t mind helping people gear up for raiding. All that we ask is that people put some level of effort into learning their class, gearing and trying to improve.

We currently raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8PM EST to 11PM EST and run a 2/2/6 composition but would like to get to 2/3/9 or more (we can flex additional DPS spots).

Check out our full posting for additional details:

If you’re interested in checking us out please DM me on BNET or Discord.

BNET: Rynz#11590

Discord: Rynk#7008

Hi Shamazingone,

The guild I’m in raids and runs mythic+. We have various raids for different skill/progression levels during the week. Most of us are busy with RL and like to make the most of the time we’re raiding or running dungeons together. Check out the post below and get in touch if you’re interested. Contact info is in the post!

Hi Shamazingone,

I don’t know if you’ve already found a new home, but if you’re still on the hunt, feel free to give us a look. My guild < Part Time Heroes > on Hyjal is a casual raiding guild. Our Heroic Raid Team is focused on getting AotC and a handful of Mythic Bosses before the tier is finished. We are currently 9/10H and 1/10M, and hoping to get Sylv down any day now - and we could use a capable healer to help us reach our goal!

Our raid days/times are T/W 8-11pm PST. Not sure if that aligns well with what you’re looking for, but if you can swing the times, we may be a good fit! If you’re interested, I’d love to chat!

My Btag and a link to our guild post are below. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks!



Feel free to give us a look at:

WARCRAFT is a highly active Alliance raiding guild on the merged realms of Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh, and we are recruiting!

Guild established in March of 2015 and has achieved every AOTC since Highmaul.

Highest need: Tank, DPS (mage, lock), Healer with DPS OS

Current progression: 10/10N, 8/10H

Core spots available. We are looking for reliable and exceptional players to push progression and end game content.

The raid schedule:
Tuesday 8:30p-11:30p EST
Thursday 8:30p-11:30p EST

You are expected to be on time with flasks, pots, enchants, gems, and smiles. *We try to provide flasks, pots, gems, and enchants though guild members. If you need something, just ask!

We expect that raiders put gear up for roll if they do not need the item. We are a TEAMWORK-oriented guild.

The atmosphere:

We are primarily a raiding guild offering a highly active, social, teamwork oriented, adult environment. We believe in player development, including gearing and training players without elitism or cliques. We do not have any ilvl requirements to join our guild. Gear can be easily obtained, but good people are priceless. :slight_smile:

“Special snowflake” accommodations not available. Must understand the difference between helping and having control issues. If ex-military leadership causes “triggers” or meltdowns, this is probably not the guild for you.

Guild Discord server available for your voice chatting needs.

Contact information:
Zoobee-Khadgar (First Officer) (zoobee#1855)

We mostly raid on weekends, but if the times of either raid work for you feel free to check us out :slight_smile: The guild is super friendly, casual, and very active!!

I’ll post the guild spam below. You can contact the GM (Taru, his info is below), or me personally if you want! (Kalanii#1116 on bnet or Kalanii#9911 on discord)

MYTHICC is the superior choice for your next raid environment. We enjoy raiding frequently, either current progression or going back to the older stuff just to have fun. When we’re not raiding, we hang out in the Discord or pal around in dungeons. Here’s some more information about our guild and what we have to offer potential raiders:

Raid Teams
Currently, we have 2 raid teams, De Other Raid and Swipe Left. During trial periods, we ask that trials make themselves available to their specific raid team. Raiding schedules are posted on the website.

Trial Periods
Trial length is determined by reclear content versus extended progression. Typically, a trial period can last 1-2 weeks, totaling 2-4 raids nights. However, during extended progression, trial periods are much shorter. You will be contacted by the raid leader or a team officer whether you passed trial. RCLootCouncil may or may not be used.

Raider Requirements and Add-ons
We require every raider, even on optional nights, to have the knowledge required to both perform in their class and execute mechanics properly. We understand people make mistakes, but we do not tolerate repeated failure. We expect our mythic raiders to have extensive knowledge of the current tier and have suitable character alternatives if their class is performing sub-optimally.

Before joining us, you should be familiar with these required add-ons:

  • ExorsusRaidTools
  • DeadlyBossMods
  • SimulationCraft and Raidbots
  • WeakAuras
  • RCLootCouncil

What about if I’m not raiding? The guild has a rank, Keystone Dream Squad, for members who prefer dungeon content over raid. These members have the same daily perks as raiders! Check out our website for current RIO requirements, perks, and events!

What are your next steps? If you’re interested in joining the guild, head on over to and fill out a short application. You can also DM Taru Discord at: Tarugala#9878

I would be interested in speaking with your about joining our healing core my contact info is.

Discord: SGnekobasu#0501