[A]<Inevitable> AOTC Weekend Raiding Guild LFM

Continuing to bump us!

Bumping as we reach 9/10 and are pushing Sylvanas!

Bumping as we push for our AOTC!

Bumpity bump bump!

Bumping again


Bumping as we are now 10/10H, take that Sylvanas!

Hello, my cousin and I are looking for a Sat/Sunday guild and saw your reply to another post. We are returning and are mostly focused on 9.2, but wouldn’t mind some SOD in the meanwhile. We are both multiple AotC over the years and usually get a few mythic bosses. He has a 240 BM hunter and I have a bucket of similarly geared characters (trying to decide on a main, shaman and pally are the current leaders in the clubhouse, play all specs)

I’ll add you and we can chat and see how things work out (Ghostdad1374)

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Bumping in as we go to 9.2!

Sent a b’tag request, have a couple of lower geared toons, (hunter, lock, and priest) that I will be taking into 9.2. Haven’t raided in a while because I took time away from the game and then was way behind everyone, so I would need time to knock the rust off. Weekends are perfect for me tho.

Saw that! Sent an invite over to your hunter!

Bumping as we’re growing! Here comes Sepulcher!

Bumping as we’ve completed 11/11 Sepulcher and have begun our Heroic progress! Currently 3/11 Heroic and moving forward :slight_smile:

New expansion bump!!

They see me bumpin’, they hatin’…

Bumping again as we’re now 8/8H for Vault! We’re open and looking for more for next tier :slight_smile: All roles are available for tryouts.

Bumping again :slight_smile: LF All Classes as well as an alt night raid leader!

Buuuuuuuuuuump bump!

Are you all still recruiting DPS?

We are! Continuing to bump until 10.1!