Returning player looking for guild

Hey Metis!

If you’re willing to transfer, you sound like someone who would fit in perfectly at Endless Pastabilities! We are a group of friends that have played wow together for quite some time. We’ve come together for many of the reasons but we’re wanting to bring back that sense of guild community, building friendships that last beyond the game, and working together to accomplish the things WoW has to offer!

About us:
Server - [H] Thrall
Raid days - Friday and maybe Saturday 9:30 PM - 12 AM Server (EST)
Eventually community events, dedicated mythic plus groups to help gear or to push keys, and everything in between!

Our guild is relatively small but looking to grow slowly with the right type of people. We want people who are patient, with a mentorship attitude and want to have fun and progress at a pace that doesn’t cause stress or toxicity.

If this sounds like something you’d like to join or just learn more about msg me on discord: Star#0985

Hi Metis, I think we may be a good fit for you. We are a small group of friends that focus on heroic raiding (AOTC) and mythic+. Most of us have been playing since vanilla and many of us have been playing together since Wrath. We raid Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8 to 11 EST and we would love to get you into a raid or mythic+ run. Please feel free to reach out to me to chat either on discord at “The Q#1011” or in game “Senjin#1593”.

Hey there Metis, If you are still looking for a new place to call home I would love to chat with you and see if we might be a good fit for each other. We are an AoTC focused guild on the Eredar server cluster. Please feel free to add me Discord: Sinafay#3443 or Btag: Kitsune#1784. I look forward to possibly hearing from you.

Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to chat with you about us.

Hi (: recruiting for Bloodknight Redemption [Illidan] our weekday team raids t/th 7:30-10:30 [cst] server, currently 3/10m

Contact for more info [Bnet: HoppingKoala#1644 Disc: HoppingKoala#0745]

Hey ya. Do you accept casual altoholics ? RL sadly doesnt allow me to raid atm but would love to find a home w some friendly people to make my return to the game a little less lonely.

Hey there,

We might be a solid option, feel free to give us a looksie at:

Hey metis! hope your reset day was good :smiley:
I am Gm/RL of the Exclusive Outcasts on Kel’Thuzad. We are an alliance guild :slight_smile:
Casual mythic prog guild/ AOTC guild.

We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays as of right now. Sometimes we switch to Tuesday to fit schedules. We are 9/10 heroic, 1/10 Mythic in the Sanctum of Domination! We are in need of raiders right now! We have lost a quite of few people to classic and have some people stepping away from the game right now. We are looking for tanks, healers and DPS! We need it all!

As of right now we have consistently have 2-3-9 to 2-4-12. We have one of our DPS mains as tank right now. Current needs:
Tank :
Any type! We are rocking warrior/Druid right now.
Healer :
Shaman, druid, monk, pally. We will take a priest but we already heal with 3 :slight_smile:
Warlock please! We need one badly! DK, Druid, Mage, ETC. We would take about anything of course!

PVP in the future, keystone nights on the weekend :slight_smile:

I know youre horde but I try anyway :slight_smile: good luck if not interested <3

Bubonict#1987 B tag / Ty - Resent#3575 Discord

Hit me up on my socials above, would love to chat!

Cult, check us out. We’re friendly and no pressure! Some of us like to get on discord a lot and chat, and some of us are a little less active in voice chat but still feel a part of the party :slight_smile:

Hi Metis!

I’m Kiuayoukai from the horde guild Found a Green Quest on the server Zul’jin. We’re a small but growing guild looking for more members who enjoy short walks to mythics and sharing tales of raiding after an adventurous weekend. Below is our guild recruitment post. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Found a Green Quest is a Horde US social/raiding guild on Zul’jin server recruiting all classes and roles (tanks, healers and dps) for mythic keystones, PvP, achievement runs and more! We host weekly events such as Mythic Mondays, guild gold raffle and more. We have an active Guild chat and discord server. Not on Zul’jin server, and unable to server transfer at this time? No problem. We have an in game cross realm community for members to join as well! We have a Fri/Sat raid team that’s looking for dps. Our Fri/Sat raid team is 10/10 Normal 3/10 Heroic SoD & sharing the same goal on getting AOTC! We are friendly & we have a zero tolerance to drama. If interested, please send me a friend request and message on either platform.
Battle tag: Kiua#1912
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395
In game: Kiuayoukai-Zul’jin

My guild seems like it might be a good fit… but I’ll post our spam below and feel free to check us out :smiley:

Hi there! MYTHICC on Mal’ganis is a really fun social guild with several different raid teams that are recruiting. I personally am a former CE raider who now raids with our “Swipe Left” team which is AOTC focused and raids only Sunday nights 9pm-midnight eastern. We have other teams that raid on other days as well.

Our website is mythiccmalganis dot come and feel free to check out the other teams. :slight_smile: MYTHICC is VERY active with lots of key pushers and we do our own M+ competitions and more. You can find information about it on the website. The social aspect of MYTHICC is personally why I love it here. The guild is always busy. There’s always people online, on discord, etc. We play other games together too (FFXIV, New World, etc).

Feel free to contact me on discord at Kalanii#9911 or on bnet at Kalanii#1116 or apply on the website if you’re interested!

Hey there! We’re from Lightbringer-us, right now triying to keep our roster healthy while progressing in SoD, we’ve been toguether raiding for 10 years!

3/10 M Sanctum of Domination as of this post, and doing smooth progress into Kel’thuzad Currently. Easy going, Tight-knit, Weekend morning raiding team focusing on a good atmosphere, times are:

-Saturday from 9:00 AM to Noon Eastern time

-Sunday from 9:00 AM to Noon Eastern time

Eastern time

Experience and gear are not a factor but offspecs are appreciated!

We also have a some extra events during the week that you can take part of if you wish, mythic+, alt runs and random hiper incompetent pvp for the lols. We take the player over the gear and value consistency, If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, contact me for more info, i’d love to speak with you one on one.

Contact me at Slerne#1294 (Bnet) and Slerne#9837 (Discord) for more info.

Hello Metis!

We are Munchma Quchi (9/10H SoD), and we are looking for DPS and a healer that can flex DPS when needed to fill the holes in our roster. We need: warrior (Arms/Fury), warlock, monk (WW), shaman (Ele/Resto), and rogue. We will consider demon hunters, mages and hunters as well.

I don’t believe there’s anyone in our raid group under the age of 25, so we’re clearly an adult atmosphere. We all have lives, jobs and families and can’t no-life the game like we did back in the day, but we can still clear content and have a good time together.

We raid Tues/Weds nights at 9:15pm-11:15pm EST. Enchants, consumables and repairs are provided by us for our raiders. We ask that you bring a positive attitude, a good sense of humour, and the willingness to learn. We have dabbled in mythic, and have achieved AOTC in every tier since we began in Legion. We also do the Glory of the [Insert Tier Here] Raider achievements every tier.

We run keys daily, we like to PVP (RBG group is a possibility with enough interest), and some of us play other games outside of WoW (le gasp, I know). We have a Free Company on Crystal - Coeurl in FFXIV, and a bunch of us are CoD/Overwatch addicts.

We are small but active, and we have been consistently playing together as a group since Legion. I myself have been a raid leader since Molten Core was current content. We moved from Daggerspine to Thrall this spring, and we have found some really solid folks to join us thus far. We’d love to have even more while we finish off Sanctum of Domination! We’re looking for people who vibe with our brand of weird, and we tend to keep people for the longhaul. Come for the content, stay for the friends.

If this sounds like the kind of environment for you, hit me up in-game (Annora#1484) or on discord (Annora#0420) for an invite.
‹Munchma Quchi› @ Thrall (US) - Guild Profile (
‹Munchma Quchi› @ Daggerspine (US) - Guild Profile (
(For historic purposes)

Hey there! If you’re open to moving around or starting a new character, I think you’d like our guild atmosphere. Our goal is to get AOTC while keeping a more chill, laid back environment.

Here’s some info on the guild. Please reach out if you have questions!

Guild Name : Onward
Server : Moon Guard
Faction : Alliance
Type of Guild : Social, Raiding, Mythic+, some PVP
Progression : 9/10 H 10/10 N
Raid Times : Fri/Sat 7-10 server (8-11 EST)

About : We’re a social, friendly guild who aims to hold events both in and out of game, hang out with each other, and generally just have fun playing the game together. Outside of raid, we like to run mythic plus, hop into arenas and battlegrounds, and run old content runs for mounts, transmog and achievements. We also occasionally host non-WoW events Tea Time, Spooky Scary Movie night, and Phasmophobia night. Our guildies get guild repairs and access to the leveling and crafting mats tab in the guild bank. We’ve also got an active discord to talk shop, post memes, or gush about your fur babies. Right now, we are looking for more dedicated DPS members to fill out our raid team.

Reach out on Discord for an invite or if you have questions: LifeOnMarz #1786

Hey there Metis! I’m from a guild on Area 52 horde. We’re an AOTC focused raiding guild. We value our community, and want to provide a long term home for all our members. We raid Fri/Sun 8-11 EST. If you’re interested I’ll leave our spill below

otherwise add me:

Bnet: Purple86#1959

Discord: Purple_86#9819

Hey Metis, I’m Jolly the recruitment officer for Elysium [A] Stormrage-US. We are a 2 day weekend raiding guild looking for more players for Mythic. We’re 10/10 heroic 1/10 M ythic, and do weekly M+ with most of our community being KSM. Raid nights are Friday-Saturday 7pm-10pm est. Let me know if you want to learn more or have a chat. My btag is: Jollywalrus#1140

Skeptic Gaming on Illidan is now recruiting for Heroic and Mythic Sanctum of Domination! We are currently a brand new guild looking to fill our roster and grow our community. We are old friends and players just returning to the game and looking to build a long-lasting and stable home for raiders friends and casuals and most importantly to build a community that will last a lifetime. We have several players with previous/current Mythic experience. We are a Horde guild that has a long history of raiding dating back to Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King.

Raid times: Friday & Saturday 9:30pm-1:30am Server time

Paid transfers will be discussed during the interview.

Let us know if we can assist in anyway what so ever! Thank you!

Contact Info:
Discord: Vexent#5611
Discord Server:

Thank you I will! Sorry I am just now seeing your reply . Please add me on discord Anjelica#1602 . Would love to chat!

WARCRAFT is a highly active Alliance raiding guild on the merged realms of Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh, and we are recruiting!

Guild established in March of 2015 and has achieved every AOTC since Highmaul.

Highest need: Tank, DPS (mage, lock), Healer with DPS OS

Current progression: 9/10H, 1/10M

Core spots available. We are looking for reliable and exceptional players to push progression and end game content.

The raid schedule:
Tuesday 8:30p-11:30p EST
Thursday 8:30p-11:30p EST

You are expected to be on time with flasks, pots, enchants, gems, and smiles. *We try to provide flasks, pots, gems, and enchants though guild members. If you need something, just ask!

We expect that raiders put gear up for roll if they do not need the item. We are a TEAMWORK-oriented guild.

The atmosphere:

We are primarily a raiding guild offering a highly active, social, teamwork oriented, adult environment. We believe in player development, including gearing and training players without elitism or cliques. We do not have any ilvl requirements to join our guild. Gear can be easily obtained, but good people are priceless. :slight_smile:

“Special snowflake” accommodations not available. Must understand the difference between helping and having control issues. If ex-military leadership causes “triggers” or meltdowns, this is probably not the guild for you.

Guild Discord server available for your voice chatting needs.

Contact information:
Zoobee-Khadgar (First Officer) (zoobee#1855)

I am so sorry I missed this from many months ago. If by any chance you’re still looking for a home, we do accept casual alt-o-holics! :slight_smile: