A simple void elf request

I know this topic gets ya’ll real hot and bothered but Void Elf customization sucks, even with the options they added in Shadowlands. Nightborne too. Just awful.

My mage is a blood elf. My friends moved to alliance and I went with them and I’d like to move my mage and Void Elf seemed like a logical step, so I did the (very cool!) Argus questlines to unlock them.

I’d seen the customizations before but upon trying to put together something I liked, I uh, ran into some issues:

  1. Hair tentacles. It feels like maybe these shouldn’t be hard-coded into the hair itself and should instead be something you can attach like Night Elf leaves. But even if they aren’t, there are only a couple of options that don’t include the hair tentacles and for males at least it’s just a couple of emo kid cuts. This kinda sucks because the un-tenticled options are already there. Keep in mind that as an allied race, their options are fairly limited to begin with. Even if you are OK with the tentacles, they don’t have very many cool hairstyles, and none of them feel very elf-like. Plus frankly they all kind of lack detail and look like colorful blobs. By the way…

  2. The colors. I don’t necessarily need blonde, but I find it weird that Void Elves don’t have access to a single “natural” hair color. The only other race I can think of that doesn’t have one at all is Draenei and the deep purple/eggplant one is at least kinda close at a distance. Void Elves have a bunch of deep jewel tones and a few grey ones that kind of fade into blue or other colors but don’t have access to like, black. Or brown. Or even blonde. Can we have just one? Call me boring, I don’t like jewel tone hair.

  3. Void Concept was not explored in a very imaginative way. Blue skin and tentacle hair? Not like… void-y eyes? Or uh… Scars with void coloring or something? Void effects are so visually appealing but almost none of that translated into cool stuff for Void Elves. It’s just tentacles and Night Elf skin.

Anyway don’t worry Blood Elves I’m not coming for your precious blonde hair necessarily, you can relax. I’m just looking for a little more visual appeal, Velves kinda weird right now.


Void options I got so far:

Chin tentacles!
Tentacles for a mouth.
Body Tentacles
Starcursed, and n’zoth eye color.
Ethereal type wraps.
Scars that show void energy beneath the wound.
Stark White and Void Black, violets, maroon, teals, blues, near neon orange and yellows, and Void(like their tentacles), and Starcursed hair colors.
Two tone hair color starting as a void color turning into a neon color.
Void fire effects to the hair.
Tentacle hair.
Eye stalk hair.
Floating Hair.
Ombré hair.
Glittering hair.
Shadowy gas effects.
Few more beards and full beards.
Third eye like Aszhara.
N’zoth like eyes.
Aszhara eyes.
Black eyes. (Void eyes)
Void mouths
Other old god corruptions.
Tentacle toggle.
More tentacle hair options.
Standard scars.
Ear slider.
Tattoos. Void, Farstrider, and Spider.

Some Ethereal Wraps provided by Somand

And some voidified tentacles and stomach mouth provided by Lance! (Affectionately called Voidberg.)

Also provided by Lance an example of the hair leading into neon colorations! (Thank you Lance!)

Void Tattoos provided by Somand. (Based on the N’zoth runes.)

Another rendition by Somand, showing a haircolor similar to Alleria’s in void form.

Some hair colors I rather jive with provided by Talendrion. (note: I don’t technically have their permission and might remove this later.)

Both a Void skin and potential white hair option. Provided by Izzabelle:

An example of the Spider tattoos provided by Izzabelle:

And examples of the Black eyes provided by Izzabelle as well! Very neat!

Some additional Hair tentacles and just an all around nice look. (Provided by Izzabelle again)

And a special treat… (Lore provided this one though they didn’t make it.) A Starcursed Dragon Hawk!


I appreciate the effort, but more tentacles? Man.


Theres a toggle in there.

The list encompasses those who want and don’t want em. Its just to expand the options.


:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Probably the allied race that needs the least attention, atm.


Yeah I can’t disagree that they have more options than many others, I just think the ones they have look really bad. lol

Like Nightborne Elves are obviously the worst but you can at least put together a few customs that look nice. JMO but I don’t think I’ve seen a male Void Elf that doesn’t look unfinished.


I need more tentacles


Nah, that would be the Mag’har Orc if I am not mistaken, they got the most customization options. Still though, I do believe they should first and foremost finish the Core Races customizations… I mean, seriously, no split beard options for male Blood Elves? Come on Small Indie Company, do something.

  1. Blizzard is likely to release new customization options in chunks rather than one at a time so there’s no need to worry about who is more needy here
  2. I’m making this suggestion for whenever they get around to it and not asking for a specific timeline so pointing out that others are needier doubly doesn’t matter. Yeah Blood Elves need work. Make a thread for them.
  3. I feel like core races look pretty good, with the exception of (honestly) Blood Elves who are starting to look a little dated. Most of the rest of them are holding up great!

Void elves need more void-focused customization.


The big things I want for male void elves are:

  1. to be able to use any face with any skin color (you can’t right now - blood elf skin tones currently require blood elf faces and vice versa for void elf faces and skin tons, at least for the guys, not sure about the ladies)
  2. void elf facial hair options to match the variety of customizations given to some of the core races such as night elves. At the very least separate the mustache, beard, and sideburn options - every race where male toons can grow facial hair needs that level of customization. Make it so that void elves can still achieve the same look as the current facial hair options (I like the look of the “full” facial hair option personally), but add a significant number of new options as well like how some of the core races (such as night elves) were handled.

I’m just saying High elves are a menace and we should cleanse every non void one out there.


What about some Sha/old god horns and extensions?


OP doesn’t want more void, OP wants a Blood Elf clone.


I literally asked for cool void stuff in point 3.

The “more tentacles?” post was just me being silly.

Can you like please relax and stop assuming the worst intent of everyone around you


Anyway one of the coolest things about the void is that spacey looking effect that’s used during the Argus questline, I’d love to get some more of that.

I personally don’t love the tentacles but there’s more to the void than tentacles. There’s horns, space (the great beyond), eyes, disembodied floating appendages held together by space dust, etc.

I just think it’s annoying that they seem to always default to tentacles like it’s the only thing. Like just look at a Voidwalker. I love those.


and also let them be Palidans please.

(yes I know it doesn’t make much sense, no I don’t care. Void Elves barely make sense to begin with so really it’s on brand for them)


OP wants options and while I may not agree with all of them(such as more blood elf copying) , they do have an interest in void options in their post.

In either case I can still post my list so others can consider different points of view.


Both concepts at the bottom of your post are really nice adding more options while giving Void Elf fans more void stuff / preserving what’s left of the Blood Elf visual theme.

I really like them, stuff like Azshara eyes, Void tattoos, all 11/10 in my opinion.


I don’t understand how wanting black hair and a few more haircuts means I want a “blood elf copy.” Every race has access to at least one natural real world hair color.

There are more ways (and better ways) to express the idea of the void through design than in the hair.

Oh, and Void Elves are literally a Blood Elf clone, even if they get more ways to add tentacles.


All Legion ARs are clones of their parent base race. They each have their own thematic flavor that separates them from said parent.