[A] 6/11H <Nightvale> Wed/Thurs 8pm Eastern

Don’t have the time to raid and progress like you used to? Real life getting in the way of your play time? Looking for a new home for the expansion? Look no further!

Nightvale is recruiting like minded individuals who are looking to raid but no longer have the time to devote to the constant grind and min maxing. We are all ex mythic raiders who over the years have had our real life schedules become more demanding and limiting our play time. But like many older players we still wish to progress and work towards something as a group. We are currently looking to bolster our roster for casual mythic progression in 9.2.

9.2 Current Progression: 6/11H
9.1 Progression: 5/10M

8:00-10:30pm eastern Wednesdays and Thursdays
Tuesday Night: optional m+ night for any raiders looking to get their +15 done for the week. Same time as raid times.

We are currently recruiting:
High Priority: Warrior DPS, Ranged DPS
Medium: Melee DPS
Low Priority: Flex Tank/Healer with a raid ready DPS spec

If you do not see your spec/class listed still apply. No quality like minded players will be turned away.

Btag: Lukien#1938 or Kernols#1905

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Send me a request :slight_smile: Maddexx#11162 on bnet I can play warrior or shadow priest or tank if need be

Dzomie #1852 playing warrior this x-pac

updated what we are currently looking for: Immediate need for ranged

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I am bumping this post because I support this message :call_me_hand:

updated what we are looking for

Updated for current needs :nerd_face:

updated what we are looking for and progression

updated for needs and progression

We are opening up recruitment looking to fill up the roster. Currently recruiting for all rolls except healers

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still looking to fill spots, jump in with us!

Updated our current progression and what we are looking for.

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updated for current needs

Added you both on BNET look foward to speaking with ya

Updated our current needs

Updated again, Looking for a monk/dh dps and all range as a priority

Updated for 9.1