9/7/2019 Server Issues


This is still being worked on.

Thank you for your patience.

Reporting DDOS Attack
Person Claims To Be The DDoS Attacker
Both Retail and Classic Down
Are all servers down? 1pm on a Saturday
Blue response finally for DDOS
Latest DDOS Attack Sheds Light on a Bigger Problem
Actually Culprit for DDOS? Maybe
Bliz hiding comments on Twitter
Someone share the quest for the DDoSer's head plz :rofl:
Fix your Stuff!
How about posting to your BlizzardCS twitter
Not everyone uses Twitter
WoW error 51900319
Blizzard is Aware!
Bliz hiding comments on Twitter
I'm IN! Servers maybe back?
Realm Status Page Lies?
[Herod] I can log into EK but not Kalimdor?

You the MVP, customer support. Slay em’


Thank you for the quick response.


Thank you for all your hard work and dedication ensuring paying members can continue to play the game.

Please, some communication?

Aaaaaand we’re in!


String them up!


Thank you for getting this fixed! Much appreciated!


(My thread on this topic disappeared as I was typing a reply, so I’m posting that reply here instead…)

Thanks. I presumed Blizz was aware and did have techs working on the problem.

I was just pointing out that the CS people have not yet posted this info in two of the usual places – the Launcher, and the game’s log-in screen. Posting this info in those two places would help let more of their customers know that Blizz is already aware of the problem and is already trying to fix it…


Netsec guy here.

Thoughts and prayers to the SOC/NOC weekend shifters right now.

Even more thoughts and prayers to the unlucky on-callers that were awoken by PagerDuty.


No screw that. Hunt them down and make sure they get punished including a jail time. Then you make them famous!


Have you tried turning the server off and on again ?

or unplugging the coffee machine and plug the server back in ?



(MastadĂ´n) #13

Get this panda some bamboo for an awesome as always post


Thank you. this is exactly the right response. This person is all about attention and they are just begging for exposure cause their little ego needs it.


@blizzard senior staff

Can you promote this guy? He’s amazing.


<3 from a fellow dev.


I am not quire sure why this is happening again. He attacked you earlier today and posted on Twitter before the last attack. It wasn’t like you weren’t given a heads up. He was even specific in that he was just going to target US servers for the last attack. How do you guys not have defenses for this type of attack?


^ This. I don’t use any of their live feed things etc, and after looking around googling and twitter and blah blah, even upto a moment ago the server status is online for mine.

It is a pretty big company being f***ed with though, takes some time for them to get it together for everyone.


give them time, there server hamster had a fatal heart attack, RIP Giblets you will be missed, AIGHT BRING IN THE NEW ONE LETS GET EM RUNNIN AGAIN


Thank you! Appreciate it.


I appreciate the quick response from the Blizzard folks, yet calling it virtual terrorism is a bit over the top. sigh.