Reforged is a forced downgrade for classic users

Hello. I’ve been playing Warcraft 3 since 2004. I see a lot of people complaining about new graphics looking bad, lack of content, unfulfilled promises, post-launch bugs/crashes. However, I do not care about new graphics, campaigns, cinematics or Reforged as a whole. I just want to keep playing the game I played my entire life, the game that was already perfect for me.
But that is no longer possible. With the latest update, the old classic client is gone, it forces you to download the new Reforged client and play it using classic graphics, which cuts a lot of features that existed in previous versions.

Features that were available yesterday and have been cut 12 hours ago:

  • Cross-region play (the custom game list is no longer global and you can’t play with players from other realms, meaning it’s much harder to find players and fill game lobbies)
  • Custom campaigns
  • Clans
  • Player profiles
  • Ladder (ranked matchmaking, stats, automated tournaments)
  • Good, 1.0 chat system (you can no longer use commands such as /f l, /join; information on how many players are currently playing; list of communal channels; news section; overall the chat system lost its’ soul)
  • Beautiful UI/menus (in reforged client the menus feel sluggish and less optimised; the chat box overlaps the menus, atmospheric 3D campaign backgrounds are gone, etc.)
  • Creative freedom in custom games (the WE EULA has been changed, adding a lot of limitations - everything you create now fully belongs to Blizzard, read more in other topics; censorship in maps and game names, for example a lobby called “booty bay” can not be hosted, even though it’s the name of an offical WC3 map, etc.)
  • Classic graphics in Reforged client look worse (shadows are missing, saturation is off, some spells/effects are missing)
  • RoC campaign is now using TFT balancing

Features that were available before 2018 and have been cut during the latest updates:

  • Arranged teams
  • Reconnection via GProxy
  • Overall game stability (desyncs or crashes would almost never happen, now custom games are plagued with both)
    Bot features (only going to list some of them):
  • Online lobby list and in-game chat, available from a browser (what games are hosted right now, how many players are in a lobby, etc.)
  • Competitive custom games (auto-balance and matchmaking based on ELO or empirical algorithms specialized for each custom map)
  • Ability to kick/ban trolls (after the removal of bots they added the ban functionality, but you would have to re-ban the person every session)
  • Better ping/latency
  • Protection against hacks and maphacks
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Automatic replay saving and archiving with easy search from a website
  • Game/replay archive
  • Probably many more things that I can’t recall at this moment

I know this wall of text is not going to achieve anything, this is more for myself - I had to get it off my chest and let people know what ActivisionBlizzard has truly done to our game.
I just want to play the game I love.

— magic_hero@USEast


The new features outweigh the negligible “downgrades.” The entire Warcraft experience has been Reforged!


At least the hackers are gone !


They deleted everythink i love about this game :frowning:


Does blizzard plan to add a classic version to the application where we can find WoW etc., or do I still need to download them from websites to play ?

on app, i see only reforged with big button “Buy NOW” :confused:


I’m so upset about a number of things you mentioned, most of all it would be

  • Player profiles
  • AT
  • Ladder / Tournaments

It really makes me regret spending money on reforged, but as you say what’s worse is I can’t even play the game we previously loved (TFT).


Wow, I wish I could give 100 likes to this post.
Ill quote Gosling on this one:
‘‘He just got away with it…This man, this professional graphic designer,
Was it lazyness?
Was it cruelty?’’
I ask myself do they understand this changes? that nobody got an upgrade?
Is it lazyness? is it cruelty? Is it a strategy to make us buy reforged?


Blizdfsdrd, just take your 26gb trash and get off my lawn!!!


you can play ladder games, including AT.

MUch of the custom map stuff you talking about has to do with changes to the version that the map creator will have to address.

you’ll probably have to pay for it again.


they did it for many years:

release SC2 - they force korean KESPA to play sc2 by killing scbw scene.
ros addon to d3 - are also downgrading the vanilla by removing access to some content alrdy been in vanilla !! LOL.
now destroying original classic with forced downpgrade.

i can miss something, as i never played wow/hots/hs/over watch


Regardless of your opinions, it’s unethical to force users to download 25GB of makeover bulk and deny access to the servers. This seems to be another move marked by marketers and a technical failure to bind TFT with Reforged in the same realm.

Very disappointing.


I agree with you 100% Warcraft Tft was perfect. We didn’t need this crap. The only thing I was looking forward to was Warcraft4 and I could’ve played tft for another 10 years while waiting. This is a travesty


What new feature, shill?


thanks for writing this down!
Blizzard went from one of the best Studios to one of the worst. Congratulations.



Ha-- Ah … Sarcasm. “For what profit is it to a game if it gains the world, and loses its own soul?” Matthew 16:26, I believe.


Forced download for a multiplayer game that cannot connect to a multiplayer game. Just stalls in the queue. Game deleted. Thanks, Blizzard. Had fun while it lasted, I suppose.


just what the *** is this exactly? Classic users did not care nor wanted reforged, why did we get ***ed in the *** so hard?


No desire to pre-order shadowlands after reforged.


Disgusting move by Blizzard…