Can someone explain what Blizzard did wrong?

Maybe because most of that was unused?

I loved my LAN parties as much as the next guy, back in 2003, but these days 90% of games don’t support LAN connections, because internet connections are so common, even in locations where LAN parties are held. So yeah, they scrapped LAN connections.

Custom Campaigns? Great at the time, but not used now save for by a few hardcore fans here and there.

As for the ladder? I expect that they’ll patch it in once people have gotten adjusted to the differences between vanilla and reforged (yes there was a rebalancing). There is a reason why Blizzard doesn’t immediately start new PvP seasons in WoW the moment a major patch goes live, they want to give folks time to get used to any class changes, to prepare themselves, then start the competition. Likely the same deal here, because you have folks returning who, like me, haven’t played the game in years and have to relearn things all over again.

If a feature was removed from the game, chances are it was not widely used, or it was too low on the priority list for launch and will be added later. This game, unlike ROC/TFT from 2002/2003 will be getting ongoing support.

tldr I think this stuff wasn’t widely used so it’s okay if these 18 year old features were removed btw it’s ok to release an unfinished product haha

This game, unlike ROC/TFT from 2002/2003 will be getting ongoing support.

probably because it needs it, what with having less features and all

Don’t you have some goats to harass for crossing your bridge?

don’t you have a game to fix?

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Things not being popular isn’t an excuse for them axing it when they don’t have to.

You know what would have solved it? Not forcing the Reforged client on the people playing Classic so that we could have kept our old features.

If they weren’t finished the game they shouldn’t have released it. Sure we’d be disappointed that it got delayed but if in a few months they released a good product, nobody would be talking about how much the delay sucked. We’d be talking about how great the game is.

and there is zero guarantee they will continue to support this game for a decent amount of time and re-add all or most of the missing features.

On top of the fact that they shouldn’t have been removed from the Classic game in the first place.

Yes Hello, I will do my best to answer this question.

There’s some other stuff too, but I won’t bore you with all the “negligible” details.

For those of you who would like to play the Classic Warcraft Client again, check out this thread. For those who want to play Classic Warcraft 3


Yeah, it actually is.

Because that’s work from developers that is unnecessary and can be better utilized elsewhere.

Imagine if you are planning a route from point A to point F that routes through points B, C, D and E. This is your route that you’ve always taken.

You’re tasked with plotting out a new route, and while plotting out that route you realize that travelling to points B, C and D are unnecessary and it’s faster and more efficient just to travel from point A, then to point E and F.

A smart man picks the most efficient route to save time and money. The stupid man does not.

Well the funny thing is, the worst thing they could do right now, is apologize… you never, ever, apologize to a mob. it accomplishes nothing and just makes them feel empowered to do it even more.

What they need to do is just say “here’s what we’re going to do…”

  • fix this
  • fix that
  • add this
  • make sure this stuff you had before is working again
  • etc…

“We are listening to your feedback, etc… we’re going to keep working on this until it’s as good as it can be. Next patch is coming tomorrow.”

^ If they say this, I’m cool with that. I know others won’t be, whatever.


lmao he does it for free

Glad to know you’ll roll over for empty promises not all of us are invertebrate though.

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Lol. If you actually understood what happened to people who didn’t buy BC you’d understand that the comparison is actually more direct to TFT vs reforged than what you implied. There was no classic wow after BC came out, you legitimately just didn’t have the game basically after BC launched but you had your character still so that’s cool I guess right? I guess as it stands people can still play wc3 which is a better situation at least.

I mean I got countless hours of entertainment for nearly 2 decades for the price of $39.99. That doesn’t even amount to 1 penny a month.

You’re not “brave” for being “outraged” over a video game that costs $30. I think that’s part of the problem with what’s going on… people feel like they’re part of some great crusade against some corporate evil.

Calm down… it’s a video game. Jesus Christ…


The main issue I have currently is that classic graphics look worse than they did before the patch. There’s missing unit animations, missing textures, low resolution textures, no shadows, weird not good looking lighting, strange unit death sounds for the classic version, don’t know about reforged since I didn’t buy it.

lol Blizzard basically hits the reset button on specs and class balance every expansion. You’d think people would be used to this by now.

the only one on a crusade here is you. a crusade to white knight a billion dollar company while crying about other people crying and constantly bringing up muh evil corporation strawman


I like companies that make games I like to play. I wish the best for them, because that in turn increases my happiness.

Throwing a tantrum like a lost chimp however, to me, seems unproductive. But that seems to be the prerogative of people who use tactics primarily seen in children.

Yell and scream until someone walks over and pats you on the head. Not saying that doesn’t work, but it’s not a good look…

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Also sounds like a convenient excuse to whine when the game doesn’t turn out the way you thought “reforged” mentioned.
What marketing are you talking about? They announced at blizzcon last year of all the changes people seem so surprised about.

How does buying 1 good product make up for buying a terrible product based on the good product? It’s just a “video game” yeah bro, and blizzard is a game company. You’re the dude laughing at jar jar Binks, and telling everyone else how great the prequels, and sequels are.

You are not above this stop acting like it when you make a thread on just a “video game” forum white knighting corporate.
We get it you’re cool with other people getting their money swindled.
You’re cool with others having their childhoods ruined.
You’re cool with buying bad products.

Congratulations dude you’re the perfect corporate consumer!

Yeah people outraged aren’t brave, but they’re certainly braver than you.


actually “throwing a tantrum” is exactly how you voice your opinion as a consumer. I know you’re all about corporate brown nosing but the lead designer on the game is currently in damage control mode on twitter and admitting that it’s unfinished and he’s sad about certain aspects of it. hopefully these “tantrums” cause blizzard to actually finish their game but until then you’re free to bury your nose in deeper

Got a link to their twitter warpten?