1.30.3 Patch Notes

I just did try to play Wc3 again a bit.

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There’s no install client under Classic Games, even when logged in…


Since the new update every time i join a game it crashes straight away??

AT still doesn’t work. 6 weeks later. Lol

It will be fixed after patch 1.30.3.

we managed to play AT 2v2 and 3v3… with port forwarding, and the “bug” : Player 1(with port forwarding) invites, player 2 (normal, no port) accepts and gets blocked, player 3(no port) invites player 1, Player 1 and player 3 leave bnet, and after they reconnect, player1 can invite and it works for everyone (2v2 and 3v3).

That has nothing to do with hostbots though, but lack of people playing those autohosted maps. Many custom maps have their own communities, it’s very niche sort to say. I was part of a development for one map and I can name you all the player nicknames that at some point played the map and quit. 90% of custom maps will never reach the popularity of maps such as Legion TD, Footman Frenzy,varius Green TD versons, Uther’s Party, etc that’s just a cold truth and it has nothing to do with hostbots, but playerbase itself.

I think the 1.27b patch is more complete and better than the patches.
In the patches above 1.27b the game is really broken, for example, Import paths for the skins from old maps made from patch 1.27b, Skins are not Fit in new patches and If a Ghoul dies in the game, the sound of eating meat played 10 minutes in map area.

Is bot host system comming? or we just gonna keep playing warcraft 3 ent? atm you cant play costom maps when every single player leaves or troll. Is this really the final game?

From what I’ve understood Blizzard has no plans of supporting host bots. As for current state of custom games and everything else, no, its NOT the final game obviously, its still in beta. Many times in custom games/MP games in general players would drop out when the match is loading, and while Idk if the most recent patch made this any better, obviously there is still work to be done. Thats why idk if the January 30 release is realistic.

This would do so much for the game, especially the second point. So often you see dishonest hosts closing slots to try and confuse people.

Bots are obsolete, all hosting is done on the cloud so you don’t have to forward any ports.

Give my game back!
Good to read:

Please remove those AWFUL new death sounds for units.
They re out of place, lack consistency and make it harder to asses status during large battles.
Who the hell approved them like this, damn. Pete please

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I have played the campaign and I heard the Footmen and Riflemen had different death sounds too, so it was odd.

I liked the older ones better myself…

Stop crying about a tiny change! do u want them to change timmy model as well? or perhaps the cheap has no eyes, lets protest for that! ( perhaps u want all of the units to have same death sounds!? )

The biggest issue is the massive change from polished terrain/lighting etc showed 2 years ago to this now!

That too, Underworld. That too… The terrain I mean. But since I am using Classic mode animation, this don’t matter to me, however…

Its a shame to have amazing models and bad terrain, Pete in new article says how they had issue with the lighting… rly… its just an excuse. to stop working and get rid of the problem and focus on bugs and that’s it. and that launch yesterday was a flop.
BTW where is that russian guy who said they have a better build prepared for the launch… sure we can see.

WTF are they doing a balance patch while the game just not working?

How can i get my money back, money stolen by blizzard?

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