Blizzard, make Forum read-only for those who do not own W3!

You can easily point out the weirdo trolls who’re torturing the community (Namely kabal and crono). Everyone thinks they’re a paid shill which is likely true. But even if it weren’t it shows how much actiblizz cares about their players. They allow them to continue to post on their behalf.

actiblizz is run by coked out immoral drug addicts who prey on children. They take turns sucking off their executives who treat them like dogs. In turn they treat the community like dogs and purposely ruin the games that they develop. They probably hate their families and beat their kids. It shows in the way they treat their players.

They probably support abortion and worship at the church of set in California. What kind of people would treat their paying customers this way?

And what will your attempt at censorship be worth?

There are many more moresocial networks.

It doesn’t matter if they didn’t buy the game. It doesn’t matter in the slightest. Why? Because Blizzard lied and they need all the hate they can get right now and every post is derived from passionate anger, which makes them an ally. You don’t get what you want from actiblizzard by asking nicely.

It’s literally all over the freakin internet. Facebook, instagram, twitter, twitch, wow in-game chat, google, bing, many fan pages, random gamer groups, people that don’t even play blizzard games, youtube. What feedback do we have left to give that isn’t already slapped on the front page of something?

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To be fair during the hong kong incident they didnt forcefully took stuff away from their consumers
Sure it is not necesarilie theft But how would you feel if steam for example decided hey we are gonna delete game x from your account

Nothing has been deleted from their accounts. The issues is that there are feature from W3 Classic which ( AS OF NOW ) they are not present in Reforged.

This indeed kinda sucks, but I’m sure they will added all of them, in a form or another, in Reforged too.

Yes yes, I know, it would of been better to have them from the start, but for me at least, the Campaign , 2v2 AND the UMS’s are enough ( as of now ) to keep me playing the game. I hope they will added this features (very) soon.

But hey, I am sure there will be plenty who which doesn’t even own the game, and they will go again full “hate” mode, even after they will release the said features.

Just gonna copy past from one of the other guys that wrote it
Features that were available yesterday and have been cut 12 hours ago:

  • Cross-region play (the custom game list is no longer global and you can’t play with players from other realms, meaning it’s much harder to find players and fill game lobbies)
  • Custom campaigns
  • Clans
  • Player profiles
  • Ladder (ranked matchmaking, stats, automated tournaments)
  • Good, [ ]( 1.0 chat system (you can no longer use commands such as /f l, /join; information on how many players are currently playing; list of communal channels; [ ]( news section; overall the chat system lost its’ soul)
  • Beautiful UI/menus (in reforged client the menus feel sluggish and less optimised; the chat box overlaps the menus, atmospheric 3D campaign backgrounds are gone, etc.)
  • Creative freedom in custom games (the WE EULA has been changed, adding a lot of limitations - everything you create now fully belongs to Blizzard, read more in other topics; censorship in maps and game names, for example a lobby called “booty bay” can not be hosted, even though it’s the name of an offical WC3 map, etc.)
  • Classic graphics in Reforged client look worse (shadows are missing, saturation is off, some spells/effects are missing)
  • RoC campaign is now using TFT balancing

Features that were available before 2018 and have been cut during the latest updates:

  • Arranged teams
  • Reconnection via GProxy
  • Overall game stability (desyncs or crashes would almost never happen, now custom games are plagued with both)
    Bot features (only going to list some of them):
  • Online lobby list and in-game chat, available from a browser (what games are hosted right now, how many players are in a lobby, etc.)
  • Competitive custom games (auto-balance and matchmaking based on ELO or empirical algorithms specialized for each custom map)
  • Ability to kick/ban trolls (after the removal of bots they added the ban functionality, but you would have to re-ban the person every session)
  • Better ping/latency
  • Protection against hacks and maphacks
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Automatic replay saving and archiving with easy search from a website
  • Game/replay archive
  • Probably many more things that I can’t recall at this moment
    I mean to be fair that is not actualy counting anything inside Reforged since that is just what got stripped from the old version but if you want i can find more in a few minutes of searching at most

O and a Edit the list comes from the user Bakker from this (Reforged is a forced downgrade for classic users) post
i do hope he does not mind me copying it

Not going to read the same thing over and over again.

You were saying about “deleting game”, now you are talking about features.

Are you here to troll or to have a constructive discussion? Do you even own the game? Or did you arrived along with the…hate train…

The features are not just not present in Reforged
they even got removed from classic so yhea it might not be deletet fully
they just took content that was in the game and deletet it
Sure so let me formulate it differently
They take a game and delete its content leaving you with a husk of what it originaly was
It that better?

I do own the original
and thats why i am here since the Reforged version changed the Original game
as for reading the same thing over and over Well if its the same why do you complain about it not being written anywhere?
and as for why i was not going on about the features
Let me just quote your post

there you go that is one of the issues FIne my example isnt perfect since its not a issue with reforged but instead a fail introduced into classic as a result of reforged but since it came due to reforged i am gonna blame reforged for it

Gonna Edit this post so i dont just spam everything full
Well while i am interested in a Discussion i wont realy back down until The changes are reverted (or until i give up and that sadly seems more likely)
as for why i am here to hate well its simply i dont buy anything from Blizzard since i think the original starcraft 2 So there is no other way for me left to communicate with them other then the forums
I mean i cant realy go ahead and demand my Refund for warcraft 3 Now thats 17 yhears ago (or even 10 yhears or so when i bought it for a second time due to lossing the disk)
Btw should you want proof of me owning the game i can probably (if that is possible in this forum never realy used it) Upload a picture of the warcraft 3 case
but frankly speaking that seems like a bit overkill considering my problem is that i dislike people changing a 17 yhear old product I mean at this rate i would never in my life be able to buy any virtual object witout having to fear that the developer just scamm me at some point down the line (or well it wasnt even a virtual product but an actual physical copy)

typical shill

i love how all your arguments end with “you are just a troll” :laughing:
seriously come up with something better please

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I totally agree. It’s really necessary. I want to talk about the game with people who has and play the game in this forum. But with the current flow of bots and hate mobs there’s not even a way to talk about the game without being engulfed by these haters and bots comments and threads. It’s almost like the forum has being disabled. The bots also flags anyone who give any positive comments towards reforged and the comment gets hidden.

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If you love the game so much why aren’t you playing it instead of trying to silence frustrated blizzard fans?


Because fans were yesterday hate/angry ranting also in the game chat channel. and they ruin my happines.

And why aren’t you doing the same? I was playing, i’ll play It, and i stop to play to comment here whenever i want to. I don’t need to give you reasons neither play the game when you want me to. Before you reply again to me you better post a Warcraft 3 reforged screenshot of you in the game, within your comment, or you’ll be ignored.

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Maybe the state of corporate owned blizzard is more important than your happiness?

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I own Warcraft 3 but not warcraft 3 reforged. Do i still get access?

You can say that again! Only people who have bought the game has the right to complain. People who havent can critize all they want but in other places.

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Only people who have been president have the right to complain about the president.

wrong comparison. Try harder next time.

While his comparison is bad saying only people that bought the game have the right to complain is pretty stupid too
i mean it Litteraly directly affects people that did not buy the game