I just want to play old wc3

Right now the only way I can think of to get back on classic is if you have your original disks and CD key, and prevent Warcraft 3 from contacting the internet. There are some guides around here on the forums somewhere.

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oh dear, that will mean i will loose everything i have played for, after 15 years, this is really sad, ill see if my grand son can help me out

I’m really sorry to hear this!! They have to fix this cause it’s really unfair. Those who have bought the originals already should have gotten Reforged for free or at a discount at least. Or even better, they could’ve just, y’know, not force us to buy Reforged and let us play with the original?


played element td, some of the icons are bugged showing red boxes instead of nothing old game.

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mac or windows?

windows 10

Blizzard, do you have no shame? This old man just wants to play a game he already owns.


i have mac 10.12 and it doesn’t run. I click play, go launching and nothing happens.

is it possible to play old version? Or just the new one?

The only way you can play the older client is by pirating it now.

thats insane! they have legion td on the new one?

does anybody know if i have to buy this new game? i already brought the old one, i can buy the new one again if i need to but money is tight.

You can play Reforged just fine if you have an old copy of WC3, as far as I know.

It already has, during the Beta I went back to classic to play custom maps because Reforged had a lot of issues. But their killing of Classic has made my most played custom game unplayable (Troll & Elves).

Something seems really fishy about this thread. I can’t quite put my finger on it

There’s an option in settings that allows you to play the original version if you want. If you pre ordered reforge, you ll be able to play with the original graphics.

So just look in the settings when you are in the game. I came across it today, but I still prefer the new graphics just to see all the differences.

Hello. I hope this thread helps you: For those who want to play Classic Warcraft 3

You can play the old client, but you need to do it all yourself. This is a somewhat comprehensive guide to being able to play the classic client again. Unfortunately you will not be able to play on BNET but there are communities out there that still play on the older clients using third party services.

Depends on what you mean by the new version.

If you just care about the graphics, you can enable the “old” graphics option in settings. While you can play with the old graphics, all of the new reforged changes will apply. Here’s a list of stuff removed from the new client. Reforged is a forced downgrade for classic users

This list isn’t complete and we are still finding out things that have been removed. If you want to play the classic client, please refer to my post above. So far doing it yourself is the only way, as Blizzard doesn’t offer a classic tft client anymore.

Yes you can play the old WC3. Click on this link below.

CLICK HERE: How To Play Classic If You Bought Reforged

well, the idea was to allow classic players and reforged players to all be able to play with each other.