Some positives

We can all agree releasing that a Triple A company releasing a half finished product is pretty shamefull. No profiles, no stats, Bnet 2.0 UI which has always been anti social and crap and tons of other bugs.

So what are the positivies ?

  • No more hackers and griefers which were huge issue
  • Currently the game is played by a lot of people, something unseen in the last few years, managed to host and play some forgotten custom games that usually won’t get people joining
  • Graphics are cool for the campaign part and custom games, competitive wise I doubt pro players will use them.

Not a lot of positives but at least there is something. Being able to enjoy custom games with a lot of people and not having to worry about hackers in ladder is huge deal. Still… blizzard are a shell of its former self. No doubt they will fix most of the online issues… but cmon its full release day not Early Access.


The game is a full positive for me. They said they’ll integrate ladder down the track which is fine. What I want though is to actually PLAY the positive without insane delays. Basically fixing the latency or giving us an Oceanic server which is easy.

Some reason why we don’t care about your game:

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If anything at least I’ve been having blast playing Custom games in the past 2 hours haha. Made friends a long the way, feels like 2004 outside the UI haha

1- Probably even hackers won’t bother anymore trying to cheat in such a waste of gigabytes.
2- Game being played by a lot of people means only that a lot of people will quit playing soon, since the game is trash. It’s not a positive thing to have a spike in day one, it’s normal. Check again in a month.
3- graphics may be cool but the performance is dreadful, I doubt someone will enjoy them properly.

Bnet 2.0 has different kind of anti-cheat than Bnet 1.0 . Its the only possitive thing about Bnet 2.0