Can someone explain what Blizzard did wrong?

I’m a bot? God damn… that’s news to me.

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lmao it was not dead and they’re not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts they’re getting paid for this barebones outsourced featureless trash.

I’m sorry I stayed out of this conversation for too long because I know you’re not listening to anyone, but did you seriously just say that complaining about a 25gb download is a dumb thing to complain about?
Even though these people shouldn’t have needed to download this patch? Even though not everyone lives in a first world country where internet is cheap and easily accessible? Even the guys who didn’t buy reforged who were still forced to download this?

Ok it’s clear to me, you aren’t a bot, or a bootlicking shill or a paid actor.
You’re just .


You understand your’e talking about a billion dollar mega corporation… they don’t “need” that money. The money they’re going to make from Reforged won’t even register on their radars.

To assume there’s some sneaky financial motivation to risk taking what is clearly a hit on their reputation, to make the equivalent of what would be to you, about $5, is a silly argument…

Sorry I don’t subscribe to the “all companies are just evil” narrative. It’s low hanging fruit. There’s a lot of talented, passionate people who work on this stuff, that are reading some of this hate and probably feeling like crap. it’s not a good feeling, and I imagine a lot of whatever happened, is not their fault…

People don’t stop to think about that.

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no, what’s a silly argument is to think that they would make this crap if it didn’t make them a sizable and worthwhile chunk of money. they don’t “need” a lot of their money, what the hell kind of statement even is this? the entire point of a business is to make as much money as possible and when you can churn out this turd outsourcing it to people on the dime while charging 40$ for it that’s some easy nostalgia bucks. and no one said anything about companies being “evil.” there is no such thing as an evil company, only people can be evil so stop trying to white knight them. I’m not pro or anti business but I am pro consumer and this is a pathetic attempt at a “reforge”. It is both disrespectful towards the consumer and disrespectful to the game itself and when met with an unsatisfactory product consumers have a right to complain even if it hurts the dev’s precious feelings


That’s your opinion, and your opinion is relative to your experience.

I’ve been playing games like this for decades. I remember a time when it was normal to pay $60 for a game that would last a week, if that… a game with a crappy midi soundtrack full of boops and beeps and characters with 6 pixels.

The things people complain about today amaze me, relatively speaking.

It’s a cultural problem that’s only going to get worse. The better things get, the worse things get. Only big brains will understand that. The rest of you can keep acting like emotional chimps, outraged over your precious consumer rights.

lol… consumer rights. Oh man I DO NOT look forward to the future if this is how people are going to react to things like this. It’s one thing to be upset, it’s another thing entirely to see adults rolling around on the floor throwing tantrums.

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the game
we all do…

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I was just playing it earlier. It looks fine to me.

You set unrealistic expectations for yourself, you live by those expectations.

Enjoy your outrage folks.

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Yes how dare people be outraged over a game they love and likely grew up on being negatively changed. How dare people be upset over a subpar piece of trash being forced onto them whether they were dumb enough to shell out the 40$ or not. But oh no think of the devs! Screw the consumers think of the devs who might be reading this :(( Enjoy the 10 bucks, shill. Maybe you can buy a few mcchickens with it but probably not since your payment is likely in balance.


Yes how dare people be outraged over a game

Yeah… outraged over a game. Puts things into perspective.

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There’s no guarantee of this, though, and right now we have even less reason to believe them than normal considering the state of the game right now.

What if Blizzard decides that some of those features are just too much work to bother putting them back in?

This also isn’t Blizzard doing us a favour.

This is them trying to sell us a remaster of a game that has less features than the game did a month ago.

This is also them taking the game I already paid for and removing features from it.

Blizzard isn’t my friend. Blizzard isn’t even a person. They’re a company that I might give money in exchange for a product.

I expect to get what I paid for. I do not expect what I paid for to have features removed from it over a decade later.

I mean, to be fair, WoW had a disastrous launch… and it’s the biggest most popular mmo, still?

It’s like people are incapable of seeing even 5 minutes into the future.


It’s not about the quality or quantity of the game in this scenario though. It’s about the fact that this game already existed in probably as good a state as this “remake/remaster”. Especially with this being exclusive to PC, I just don’t find it justifiable to charge what they did for a slight reskin of an 18 year old game that was already paid for (or was it free by now? I had it already either way.).

This whole thing really would’ve worked out better as an update for Warcraft 3 instead of asking us to pay for it.

I just want to be able to use cheats in offline custom games :frowning:

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They added new skins in the cinematics… say thanks Activision…

The problem isn’t that the launch wasn’t the smoothest. It’s that they removed features from people who didn’t even buy reforged.

If Burning Crusade came out and suddenly my Paladin wasn’t there anymore even if I didn’t buy TBC, I’d have been pretty upset about that too.

Why the hell would I appreciate the work that went into gimping something I paid money for?

That’s fair. I’ve seen streamers commenting about classic being different. Hotkeys not working, that sort of thing. They’re not happy about that.

WoW had a disastrous launch? I played it in 2004, it was not disastrous at all from what I recall

What part of blizzard HR are you from? You sound like soulless empty corporate shell so indoctrinated you can’t even relate to real people… This thread makes me sad.

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