Reforged is a forced downgrade for classic users

I didn’t have enough hard drive space, so the forced download used up my entire hard drive and now I don’t have a playable game. Yesterday I was playing the game, today I had to uninstall the whole thing, even though it was just for single player use. Sorry Blizzard, I’ll be playing Bethesda games and avoid you like the plague.


This is somewhat ironic that after admitting that they made a mistake by deleting the Classic experience in World of Warcraft and have since released a classic version. And now they went ahead a few months later and deleted the classic version of Warcraft 3. Obviously 2 very different games but in essence a similar thing has happened. Why was this not left alone and just kept as 2 separate clients? I suppose the answer is just money.

If i were them I think it would have made more money to make a Warcraft 4, or perhaps a Warcraft 3.5, with a brand new campaign and these new graphics and call it a day. More people would have bought that and people would still play Warcraft 3 if they wanted.


It was bad enough that Reforged was dead on arrival… they’ve somehow also managed to drag down WC3 in the grave with it.


Been playing Wc3 for 10+ years was such a perfectly balanced game. I go to play today and I hear the client has been shut down by Blizzard in order to force me to buy the new Reforged garbage. Scumbag move.


I believe its technically fraudulent to deny/remove access to a product which people have owned/payed for forcing this ‘upgrade’

I’m most pissed off that I bought the game december 2018 and after all this time waiting now that its released I CAN"T EVEN PLAY IT

It is too unstable on my system.
So now I can’t even play the original version (which I own) or the reforged (which I own)


Man some people take big rips on people of the rock pipes, then think reforged is good, but hey they are the people of the rock, they think rocks are for smokin.

I am afraid to said that, but I am unable to download classic version of Starcraft too - it’s just downloading battle net 2.0 client, wtf


That’s just sad, but Bi$$ard doesn’t care.

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it is possible to modify maybe the reforged files with the old files to have the old voices?


Thank you for this post.

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Lead Designer is apparently working on these issues:

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It is even worse for people who used to play this game in languages different than English. They forced new translations and dialogues, which translate proper names and have different voices.
I got used to my old version, their voices and not translating proper names. Now, instead of Stormrage I have Burzogniewny (Having angry storm) and I am furious.
I just want to have the game I had years ago… I can’t belive they changed my game eventhough I have not bought reforged.


I thought people would get reforged and I could stay with my TFT. I felt like the talk about Reforged and TFT/RC having crossplay was supposed to mean two different clients. I was so out of the loop on reforged from not caring about it that I didn’t realize this update was going to take away TFT from me. When I looked up why the update was taking a few minutes it was already too late. The game is insanely buggy, the campaigns are actually completely unplayable on my end, and even worse I’m not getting completely classic assets anymore.


I bet they knew it was wrong all along, released it anyway and screw loyal players. Blizzard died long ago and I feel stupid for giving them my money one more time. Last time.


Warcraft 3 TFT is basically unplayable for me now. Please just revert it to the way it was, it should be a separate game. Very disappointed.


The only reason why I would play reforged is graphics and they look incomplete. So, when they fix that, I will get back to it.


I wish I could say that’s surprising but that’s been Blizzard’s track record since before WoW. Betas have always just been “early access” not “testing”. They always say they’re listening but it really just goes in one ear and out the other.


They also made it very hard to install war3 a few years ago if you can ever get beyond the frozen updater. They also removed resolutions that got rid of the black strips on the side.

The UI is terrible, I bet they will add a sc2 type level system… just like the avatars /throws up

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I’m honestly depressed about this. 13 years of my life. All those custom games, the save files I had from them, that’s all gone. The people I’d made friends with? I can’t remember all their account names of the top of my head, but they’re gone too. Blizzard erased the account I’d held dear and all that came with it, and forced me to a poorly designed re-release that failed to do even the simplest of things. I want Warcraft 3 Classic back, not what ever the hell this unholy abomination thinks it’s pretending to be.


The update actually deleted saves, custom maps, and your old bnet account with friends list? That’s heartbreaking to hear.
Blizzard, get your s-h-i-t together.