WTF Blizzard? Where my classic client?

Download the game in app and link your account.

I already tried, when I run the installer, the download of reforging begins


Classic client is no more.

Reforged includes both now.

I understand it’s some hard, but if you want classic client, I think you’ll need a different computer offline installing a version which doesn’t require internet.



On bnet app where we can find WoW, HS, etc., i see reforged, but only with big button “BUY NOW” how can i play my classic version which i bought 10 years ago ? I need to download from website like many years ago ? Or need to wait until they add classic version to bnet app ?

The Reforged version provides a better gaming experience so you won’t need to go back to the old client.

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Don’t lie. this is what we lost:


I have very old computer, which doesn’t compared to minimal requirments and actually i don’t have money to buy reforged version, so stop ordering me what i need to do, you sounds like blizzard worker on civil account…
and I wanted to play to see if blizzard has done anything for better lag-free online gaming and other problems, but actually i f*** this game, i see comments and i think blizzard destroyed game, and i can’t play my version from 10 years ago, give me access to my two games which i have on my account !!!


If you can afford internet every month I’m sure you can spring for a new CPU.

i tried that, got an approval message but it still doesnt work! it still shows my bnet hashtag in games/channels

the guy only ask what he’s own… and blizzard can’t provide it.

think it like this, you bought a car 10y ago… and then suddenly the previous owner came today and asked the car back, would you give it to him???


Good point. Pay me more money and you get your old car with new painting. Thats just nonsense.


No informations in my language, and english is hard for me, but i heard that they connected two versions of game, and multiplayer now is very good, but how can i test it ( and maybe buy new version after test ) when the company took my possibility to play ?!

Hmm, good question my friend. I have no idea what you’re trying to say but perhaps the answer is 24. That would be the number of my favorite nascar driver, Jeff Gordan. Thanks.


That “BUY NOW” thing should have a cross at top right to close it, not the bnet app one.
If you have the old TFT, running the launcher will download and change it to Reforged.
You can also go to Downloads – Blizzard Entertainment and download TFT under classic games. It’s a small file that will download Reforged for you.


Thanks for your answer !
You may know when it will be possible to start the game from bnetapp not website ? Or it will be only if we buy reforged version ?
And i only need to download TFT file to play RoC campaings too ?

I have only tried TFT. It seems to install everything. Actually, if you download from the website, it will open bnet app to download Reforged and you may still see the “BUY NOW” banner unless you have closed it once.

After downloading, you don’t need to buy Reforged to play. However, your account needs to have both of your ROC and TFT keys registered to play.

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That is EXACTLY the problem. We want our old client so stop rambling about “better gaming experience”. It sounds like some marketing trashtalk.


I’m bad in English But I agree ! Blizzard you Strip me to my favorite game and I not agree, FascistBlizzard ! Give me back my game , my child game, my sweet game, and ALL its possibilities !!!


try to ask to those blizzard fanboy that defend blizzard because of this fraud. maybe they can give your old warcraft 3 back

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Ouch. Guess you gotta start over for the Illidan icon. It was 1500 Random wins if i recall correctly.