Bug Report

Known issues 4.10.4 [updated: 10/22/19] (5)

UI and Online The premium game variants do not have a distinctive color in the when observed in the Map Info screen and Arcade Lobby. Players cannot join Replays through the Friends List. Briefly disconnecting fr…

Forum Guidelines - Please Read (3)

Welcome to the StarCraft II discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of StarCraft II with your fellow players. Community forums work best when par…

Missing Achievements/Progress (2)
[BUG] Skin is not working (11)
Bug on Archive for Lotv campaign (1)
Terran Technology Upgrades (1)
1v1 match connecting failure bug (3)
Chrono Boost Bug (1)
Eee670ba-dbdd-45ef-9848-466098fb3bf3 (2)
The Coop Mastery bug (1)
Balance Test Mod - Upgrade related UI bugs (1)
Wings of liberty Brutal (5)
Career summary sorting bug (1)
Conquistas impossíveis de se atingir (1)
63 secounds MULE bugged (1)
Dead unclickable region when playing (1)
Bug of Tactical Jump of new Balance Test mod (2)
Ethernal Empire Rich Vespene (1)
Playing through custom maps randomly fails to save the game (1)
Game crashes PC upon entering 1v1 game (3)
Heart of the Swarm Brutal 20 achievement bug (3)
Can't start up Starcraft? (1)
Blizzcon 2019 in game items missing (20)
Co-op Reaper cannot fly (1)
[Co-op][Bug] Ravager cocoons don't disappear (1)
'First win of the day' incorrectly counted (1)
ST2 Terran War Chest 2019 Bug ( 2 ) (25)
Bug on new map, Eternal Empire LE (2)
Balance Crap. ok? (1)
Friend List Problems (4)