Update on symmetra?


Hey blizzard im loving the interaction you guys have been having with the community within the last month and i saw that there was an update upon hanzo’s current status in his rework so i was wondering how is symmetra coming along?


I Hope we get an update about Her soon, I’m curious to see what they will do!


I really want to know what direction they’re looking to go with her and what abilities they’re looking to change/add/buff

(Jeff Kaplan) #4

Symmetra changes are going to take time. We don’t see her as needing minor fixes. We’re currently focused on Sombra, Doomfist, Mei, Hanzo and Hero 27… Symmetra is next up after that but could take a significant amount of time depending on the severity of the changes (in particular if new animation, sound, art is required – which I believe will be the case).

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Second Symmetra rework incoming


thank you dad for my life



who ready for sym meta


So new ability/ies confirmed?


While the team is working on things, please consider adding something to her kit to make solo healing less excrutiatingly frustrating if Sym is to remain a nonhealing support.


basically another sym rework from what jeff said


New animations, art, and sounds likely means new abilities.

So we’re getting another full Sym rework?


Nothing is confirmed, he’s just saying what he suspects might happen


Hoping Sombra gets the meta she always deserved


So, jeff. What did you say the hero 27 name is again?


Symmetra 3.0!?! YES PLEASE


I’ve been here since all the megathreads we made! I’m so thrilled right now! Yay for Sym!


I have some idea’s on changes that might not need a major overhaul but will rework existing mechanics.


can we get links on blizzard forums at least enabled - and only disable outside links until “permission to do so”.


I’m so happy! :smile:

I was so worried she’s be useless forever.


Thanks for the update! I’m a bit scared but I trust you’ll do a good job ^^


Can’t wait to continue building up my Sym hours