Symmetra's beam is awesome on the ptr

cool hopefully she can function better as a dps now

Dude,i dont use the turrets to slow down an enemy in order so i can hit them.
What did you smoke?

You obviously dont have much experience with Sym…

The turrets are mostly placed to locations where they are protecting either a chokepoint or important flanker routes.
if they dont slow down the enemy by that much, they can just walk back into safety without any issue.
Same thing when u attack with them…the enemy will just back down and u wasted half of your kit.

We are talking about a character who is already considered one of the worst dps in the game. We are talking about taking 66% of her slowdown, that is massive.
Remember when Mei had a bug where she didnt slowed down enemies whle she kept freezing them? Now that is Symmetra right now.


The best change is the new teleporter. I love it.

She needs the slow stacking because it was what made her good at chokepoint lockdown. Without it people can just waltz on through the choke point since her turrets are nowhere near as good anymore.


Well, I never realized how important that slow was… until I experienced people simply running from my tp bombs on ptr…

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This bug fix can have a significant impact for both Zarya and Symmetra beam damage and to a lesser extent Winston and Moira. It will make damage feel more consistent but does not increase their maximum damage.

The issue was that if you were tracking a target with a beam and then lost it (within about a 0.15 sec window) it could end up dealing a partial damage value instead of the full amount.

The odd part of this fix is that the damage increase scales inversely with tracking accuracy. The more accurate a player’s tracking is, the less noticeable the change will be, with professional players likely being the least affected.

We’ll be keeping a close on eye on Zarya and Symmetra in particular this patch.


what about the turrets not collectively slowing and the TP concerns?


Thank you Josh Noh <3 Please also consider taking a look on the teleporter! We’re so worried about the 15 sec downtime


Yeah I noticed this all the time on zarya, you would do no damage if your beam was on the edge of the target.

Turret utility, and dmg aren’t the same. I quite like adding value to my team s opportunity. Not just me.

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The turret slow does stack with itself, so 2 turrets will slow an enemy more than 1 turret will, unless that enemy is already slowing themself by a higher value. The new stacking rules are for splitting out friendly (ie. self slows) and enemy slows and taking which is greater.

So if Reinhardt has his shield out and is slowing himself by 50%, then you won’t notice him moving even slower until an enemy slows him by a value greater than that 50% (such as 3 Sym turrets hitting him).

The new rules were to help prevent heroes that slow themselves from effectively being rooted when affected by an enemy snare as well.


Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for clarifying the wording but it seems that currently the stacking is bugged. Three sentries aren’t slowing as much as they should.


I saw a clip yesterday when 3 turret only slowed down the training bots as if 1 turret would. And as far as i know the training bots dosnt use any slow effect on themselves, so are you absolutely sure its not bugged?

Lots of people reporting this.


In that case, turrets are bugged and cap at 20% slow.

What about teleporter? Can we at least teleport every 1 second like on live server instead of 1.5 s? It really disturbs the flow of her kit.


I’m more concerned about Sigma right now. :joy: Will he hit the PTR today?

I say lets have working heroes before adding another one lol.

Wouldn’t an easier fix for Sym’s beam to give back her wind up like her old version where you couldn’t spam click it and remove that tick check or whatever it is called?

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Josh Noh <3 Thank you!!! Omg!!

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Not Sym related, and more console related (sorry) but I’ve been having this odd issue where despite having a fully drawn Hanzo arrow and hitting a headshot, it leaves the enemy with what looks like less than 25 hp.

This isn’t just a game issue, it happens while practicing in the training area as well against bots. Wondering if this is a known thing and whether it’s being looked at?