Moira lock tracking is still on

You need to calm down!

You can do that with Sym, Zarya, Sombra, Tracer, Soldier…
Well… the only difference is that she needs to right click while the other have to left click

Can Moira be a Dementor for Halloween?

Yes pls. Worth 100$ for me

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And to all the people asking why we are ‘stubborn’ and say that she doesn’t have lock-on… it’s not because we say she needs aim (I think everyone agrees that she needs less aim than other heroes), it’s because it is a big misconception and some people may want to help others unsterstand it, so they don’t mix it up with other mechanics.

Because that’s how beam’s work due to latency and stuff. It’s more obvious now due to the beam fix:

But OP’s argument is also semantics.

Lock-on or not, Moira is nonsense and needs to be fixed.

Also… yikes y’all are really triggered by calling it a lock-on. Like overly defensive about it. It’s obvious that’s because you know how stupidly broken her succ is.

At this point everyone who calls it a lock-on is ret@rded.

Way to completely miss the point of the entire thread.

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What “point” did I miss. OP is saying that Moira’s beam is a lock on, psycho Moira mains who got triggered by the idea that something might be wrong with her freaked out and “corrected” them.

I pointed out that it doesn’t matter either way, she’s a busted hero for most of the player base and the Moira mains know it.

So what “point” did I miss?

Words matter. People should say what they mean. If they are saying the wrong thing, then they should be corrected.

The truth is that yes, the beam has a generous hit box.

It is also disingenuous do use the term lock on because in game design, it means something different than what is going on with Moir’s beam.

And if you know what is going on with her beam, you can learn how to make it more difficult for the Moira to use it consistently.

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It’s an animated lock on, her biotic grasp actually functions like Zarya or Sym’s beam.


The lock on can be fooled by a Junkrat Trap.

This can be tested and proven with a video.

Don’t ask me to do it, I’m sick and tired of arguing with Moira mains and others who don’t understand the basic fundamental mechanics of the game.

Then they try to use Sombra hack as an example of lock on when sombra hack uses the exact same mechanic as moira beam.

The only difference is Sombra hack can only target characters, and NPC objects like Torb Turret and Health packs. Health packs are notorious for interfering with our hack when our intended target is the player we are fighting against and not the health pack.

Her hack is affected by line of sight JUST LIKE Moira’s right click with Junkrat Traps.

It’s a tactic I use against Moira when I play Junkrat.

No it doesn’t.

There is no factual evidence what so ever that supports that.

In fact I made a video that proves that assumption wrong.

Why do Moira mains say it’s not lock on?

Because Moira cannot turn 180 degrees and remain locked on like Mercy’s beams.

Guess what, Sombra cannot do that either, in which case by their own logic Sombra hack is also not lock on.

Which is BS and even we sombra mains know her hack is lock on.

That you think anyone here is discussing this:

In fact BTC made a video contradicting your own.

The truth of the matter is the animation breaks the minute she pulls away from the hitbox. Moira has a very generous collider on her beam, that much is certain, but true lock on she does not have.

At this point it’s best to understand how the mechanic works so you can best avoid it. Moira really doesn’t have the strength to tussle with the big boys anyway, so if you’re having problems with her it’s time to adapt and figure out how to deal with her better.


“iTs NoT loCk oN itS jUsT a BiG bEaM”

Yeah sure if the beam was the size of half your screen

I’m allowed to share my thoughts on the forum buddy. I don’t care if you don’t agree, but the idea that I’m talking about a different topic entirely is just… stupid.

I was in this camp for a long time but someone did point something out to me that makes me question this a bit to at least say Moira’s beam is in a separate class of it’s own. They pointed out that Moira can’t destealth sombra because there is no target to essentially “hit” or rather lock on to. It’s weird and is the only thing that makes me question that it’s a beam with a very forgiving hit box because if that was the case she would be able to destealth sombra

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