What is wrong with Zarya's gun!?

I just spent nearly 3 seconds straight trying to kill this stupid Ana who only had a Zen orb for healing while I was 50% charge and SHE. WOULDNT. DIE.

And in another instance, I couldnt kill a Recon mode Bastion running away while Repairing he was at half-health and getting Lucio amped healing while I was at nearly 100% charge?

What even GIVES!? Did this thing get stealth nerfed? Or is healing overpowered? I’m getting really annoyed and my aim isnt even that bad


I’m assuming this is on PTR that you’re playing?

You’re trying to 1v2. Is it surprising that you lose?

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Healing is pretty strong, and perfect tracking with a beam is difficult, especially against Ana, who has the most deceptive hitbox of anyone.

Beam weapons heavily punish you for less-than-perfect tracking, as there’s a damage penalty anytime the beam stops and resumes touching an enemy. Apparently this is actually a longstanding bug, as there is now an unannounced fix on PTR.


Just Zarya things

I tend to find the same happens to me if I miss a bunch

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You need to shoot projectiles at their feet, along with m1, m1 for a few sec, shoot projectile at feet, m1 shoot projectile at feet

Healing has always been very strong in this game and typically overpowers sustained damage.

I feel like…you just bad at russian strong girl

Bastions self repair is 75 healing per second, added with amped lucio is 125hps

Zarya at max charge does 150 damage i believe, minus 3 for armor per tick. Unless you were hitting every single tick, you werent gonna kill bastion.

Two things, did ana use the nade on herself as that could explain why.

Second, at 50% charge Zarya does around 80-95 dps so bastion healing for 75hps and having armor explains why.

Using Mortars on lower charge and Melee is much better if someone is getting heeled.

Max charge zarya is 190 actually. But armor does reduce it.

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the fact…we still have to explain this is dumb

Damn thats a lotta damage. Still it would need almost perfect aim to kill bastion whos getting 125hps

Ana has a wonky hitbox so that might explain that.

Bastion though… can’t come up with anything lol

Actually the secondary fire is a much better option as it gets rid of the armor faster and the burst gets through the healing.

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honestly, he may have over estimated how strong zarya is, 50 is nothing, 100 is hell knocking at your door
and I have proof that a good zarya is scary

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It also kinda depends on how good the lucio is. Since if you spam crossfade it puts lingering effects of both buffs, so the bastion would not only be getting full healing but also speed boosts, making him harder to hit.

this is what a fully charged zarya looks like
be scared of fully charged zaryas

That explains like so many things, tbh…

Actually when facing Zarya that is probably one of the worst things to do as the splash of her balls actually don’t act like normal explosives. If you are hit with the ball, you take full damage from it and that is big seeing as she does 100 damage per ball i believe (Either 75 or one hundred) and that makes dodging them and healing on lucio very difficult. Especially for someone like Bastion’s size.

To ensure zarya doesn’t burst down your target I find it best to boop her first and Speed boast away before switching between cross fade. That gives more room for dodging the balls without endangering your teammate.

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