Sym is op like hell

Her damage numbers are in no way up by 40%, Christ in Heaven. I can compare from my own playing and current statistical tracking. I have had in no way a 40% damage boost under 3.0 as someone who played a lot of Symmetra since closed beta.

I’ve heard Sym is allergic to Rockets and most range…but you know that is just hearsay…


It’s not reliable, on demand CC.

Mercy can just melee them to insta kill them.
They have… 30 hp. Melee does… 30 damage.

Turret CC is not the same thing. Her turrets are almost never right next to her, she can’t plop one down and have it insta slow you either. They take time to set up, deploy, and then start doing damage. And if she’s shooting a turret right in front of you, you can literally kill it as she launches it.

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At higher level games, I can never use turrets in battle because they’re flying and have about 1 hit point. After setting up, it’s 30 hit points. Players actually quickly destroy them as they chug along in the air like a Grandma crossing the street.

So they’re only useful before a combat, not during. Unless you can ambush a team then you might have the time to do that, such as Symmetra teleporting to a very high location and jumping off to fire 3 turrets at the ground as she falls. But even then, there are very loud audio queues to warn people that’s happening.

Symmetra’s damage comes from; Turrets + Orb Spamming. This is trash damage usually and rarely secures a kill. Her beam bug fix helps with her hitting small mobile targets, resulting in increased damage. On tanks and barriers, it doesn’t really help.

My resulting damage output hasn’t been 40% in any capacity, from just (1) damage option being bug fixed.

This is straight from the developer’s mouth, so it’s not like his statistic is coming out of nowhere.

The devs have the tools to see and track every statistic in the game and can most likely see if a hero is over or underperforming beyond their wishes.


We were warned that the devs were going to watching Zarya & Symmetra under a microscope, so it’s not like her getting changed was an impossibility.

because people in plat are stupid and think they can run genji against her.

Ok, but her barrier is an Ultimate. I dont mind an ultimate ability making its supporting job

why so many people have so much trouble reading the patch notes?
She’s getting a nerf. Just shut up already, we don’t need a daily “nerf symmetra post”.
Learn to read before opening your mouth.


Maybe, but I think that would make her much more meta reliant

Like, if you’re talking about buffing her dmg vs. shields, that would literally make her OP because she also gains ammo and charges faster on shields

If you redesign her kit designed around shield control, then that just makes her a super niche her (Even more so than before).

consult with one of your own:

2.56s is still a long time for a game where most damage heroes have a ttk on 200 hp targets being 1~1.5s. And it’s not like sym can charge asap after tp because that’s not how range works i.e. the fight can start without her being able to start charging up.


Unfortunately, Sym is a hero that a vocal group refuses to allow to be played.

Either she’s a complete throw hero and they yell at anyone who dares to play her, or she’s OP and needs to be nerfed to the point that she’s a throw hero again so they can yell at anyone who dares to play her.

She will never, NEVER be OK in their eyes. EVER. The only thing these people will accept is complete deletion… along with 3/4th of the rest of the roster that don’t conform to their “THIS IS AN FPS!!1!” mentality.


Symmetra is an atrocity of hero design. Annoying kit that makes almost zero sense, and she absolutely should not be meta. It’s quite unpleasant.

That “20-40% average damage increase” I bet you dollars to donuts is coming from Zarya, not Symmetra. She’s the one with the 16 meter beam and the effective +600 Hit Point health pool to use it consistently.

I’m seeing about a 15% average damage increase on Sym, maybe 20% if we’re being generous, but definitely not 40% given where all her damage actually comes from.


Kinda hard when her primary fire can literally melt someone in seconds and her hitbox is freakin tiny.


Okay, like turrets aside exactly what about her is low skill? Have you tried using her before this double shield meta, where it’s way harder to gain charge? and as OWL proves, she’s very easy to kill, possibly the squishiest hero in the game…

So now imagine that, trying to not die just trying to gain charge, also her beam requires aim, and after the ptr nerf it requires even more aim…

Her orbs have to charge, and you have to aim those pretty good as well, pretty huge difference in someone who knows how to actually use them vs someone who just spams them at a choke…

She also requires so much set up and knowledge of when to do things, she just can’t do things willy nilly like say Reaper can. This meta doesn’t really show how much skill she requires since she became a beambot, but just you wait. So many people have no idea how to even use her properly.

LMAO, did you just try to justify that sym isnt low skill. admit its EZ to play and be done with it. no need for this.

And symm is already getting nerfed on ptr and soon forgotten again, don’t worry.

8.3% less damage and a 50% beam width nerf. The beam is pretty damn big to start with.