Can we revert the beam buff?

if i’m not mistaken the proc is 2.4 seconds of 100% accuracy, so it usually takes about 3-3.5 seconds taking accuracy into account.

No offense, but can the OP read? It’s a BUG FIX not a BUFF. There’s a difference.

Don’t feed her means you just have to play smarter. I had a Winston in a game the other day that would not stop jumping on my head and dropping a shield trying to kill me. I would then charge up my beam on his shield and then proceed to melt him and his team. He then blames his dps for not killing me when he was the one charging me up in the first place. If he had either:
A. Chose a different target to dive since he clearly couldn’t dive me or
B. Swapped to a tank that I couldn’t charge up on
He would have had more success. But instead he never figured it out and continued to try the same tactic over and over getting mad in chat and not realizing he was the reason I was melting them in the first place.

It doesn’t mean don’t play. It means play smarter.

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Technically, it’s both. It’s a “bug fix” that allows their weapons to work as intented, but they are way stronger than before, so it could still be classified as buff.

It’s easy to eliminate her if she’s playing aggressively.

Yeah thing is, it’s still really noticable for me in high masters, low gm

wiki says 1 second for each stage and I’m pretty sure it was that so 2 seconds at best.

They never extended it.

they didn’t increase the damage.

What they did was fix a bug that made the gun do less damage if it disconnected with the target, even if only for a second. She only seems good because everyone is Playing double shield/Sigma two heroes and Strats she hard counters. If you want her to have no use then get off Sigma and play an off tank like Hog or Zarya.

no offense intended but what’s your average accuracy? like i said, no offense just curious. also i honestly still cannot agree with it since it just lowers the skill cap. i mean they could elevate the skill floor tho: they said that the beam fix increases tracking tolerance

they could just lower the window to 0.1 second instead of 0.15 to increase the skill floor rather than lower the skill ceiling which would happen if they just lower the max damage /shrug

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I don’t know my average accuracy on the new Zarya. But i know i personally don’t feel much of a difference when playing AS Zarya, just that playing against Zarya feels much more scary for me (as Lucio, brig, ana, hammond and so on)

maybe it’s just perception tho? like some kind of placebo effect? i’m not quite sure myself because i never felt the difference playing against zarya, tho there was one specific time i felt a difference playing as zarya.

that being said, i still would prefer lowering the “window tolerance” rather than lowering her overall damage. the bugfix, imo, only really affected squishy heroes because tracking beams on tanks was always an easy affair. but if you lower the damage output playing against tanks will make a significant difference imo

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I didn’t even know they changed anything about it until i looked it up after getting melted a good few times

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It’s not a placebo.
I noticed this in aim training on Havana too.

I had no idea about the buffs and was confused at why zarya and especially sym seemed to give me no chance to kill them.

Eventually the lobby leader left, I went into the settings to undo whatever changes i suspected a troll leader had made and was genuinely shocked to find every setting at normal.
It’s only when I dug around in the PTR patch notes I realised the cause.

You’re not imagining it, this bug being undone means zarya and sym have been significantly buffed in terms of damage.

Fixing bugs that prevent damage does, though, increase the actual damage dealt.

They didn’t increase her the damage in her design, but they definitely increased the damage in her actual implementation.

Double shield certainly gives her lots of opportunity to charge up, but she also has a real increase in power.

im not talking about imagining the buff itself tho, we were talking about the “imagining the impact” because as the devs stated:

i asked them how much their accuracy was because i was curious if they had low accuracy (hence they would feel it more) but because they said they didn’t know and even said that they didn’t feel a difference playing AS zarya vs playing against zarya, i was asking if maybe it was only “perception” because maybe at their rank the beam fix wouldn’t be that noticeable as the devs stated

idk what context you’re in but our original context was “what they should do should zarya and sym become too problematic due to the fix?” and i’ve already said my stance on that, i’d rather keep it’s context that way

Umm no lol, for sym to get to full charge takes like 3 seconds +

You definitely still have to aim with them & you need good tracking which a lot of players don’t have. Sym is finally in a somewhat good spot in the meta, she doesn’t need to be nerfed because of it… counter pick her like you would everyone else… adapt.

I mean sym still has no in combat mobility or defenses. Her ranged attack is also blocked by shields so as long as you burst her down before she gets to your shields you will be fine. That being said in silver where I am, sym usually carries games but I attribute that to the same reason bastion dominates low elo, people not being used to the counterplay and lack of team coordination.

About time.

Change it up.

I’m all for this character being viable but holy hell you barely have to aim with her now. it’s so easy to build charge even without shields to farm, and if you have even one healer pocketing you, you can hard carry every fight.

She’s busted as hell right now. Can’t believe you people defend this trash.