Symmetra's beam is awesome on the ptr

It finally feels so good to use. Genji’s melt left and right. Ana too. It just feels so much better. And honestly it has me so happy that the Tp rework doesn’t feel as bad.


I’m glad they finally removed that band-aid fix and actually, well, fixed it. I can’t wait to try it in live.


Wait, something new happened to it?


What? they buffed/fixed it?

DID They remove the first tick weakens thing?

The Bug fix that states tracking fast paced heroes with weapons like Zarya’s beam now deals more consistent dmg. This applies to Symmetra’s beam as well and she MELTS people.


Moira’s beam also seems to ‘do more damage’ as well. I think all beam weapons got a buff with that bug fix.

Unless they fix the turret slowdown, Symmetra is plain and simple useless.
Any news about that one?


Wonderful. Praise the true reality.

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True Symmetra players don’t overly rely on turrets to get kills

She’s not Torbjorn, mate


It’s 20% slow instead of stacking to the 60% slow if all 3 are on them I believe?

I think it’s a simple bug from when they were trying to fix the enemy and friendly slows.

If not and is intended, her beam deals so much more dmg now that you don’t necessarily need squishies slowed down to track them. It’s so much more forgiving.


I wish Sym had the animation when u right click like on this video


Mate dont try to tell me with my 130 hour Sym with a very impressive stat record to tell what Symmetra should rely on. Ty

Slowdown on turrets is crucial, way more crucial than any teleport nerf or buff she ever gonna get.


someone make a video demonstrating this pls

Nope it is still here.

You know how sometimes when you track with Zarya or Symmetra on a moving target, you don’t hear the ticks all the time despite the tracking? Well it turns out it’s not because of your tracking abiliities; it’s just a game-breaking bug that wasn’t fixed until just now.

So now when you track, you hear ticks all the time and you do significantly more damage. A major slept-on buff for Zarya and Symmetra.


Ohhhh. So maybe they did fix that

I wonder if they just fixed the tick rate and called it a bug fix to cover their butts. Not be cynical but i mean…

Did they fixed it by making the tickrate 20/sec, or is it proper 5/sec as it was supposed to be?

It wasn’t a bug. It was a countermeasure because Symmetra used to have a low tick-rate when 3.0 was introduced, and every tick was weighed evenly. This meant that if she rapidly swung her mouse back and forth, she’d get a full tick every time her reticule touched the enemy, so if you swung it back and forth fast enough, you could get more ticks in less time. This meant she could do way more damage than intended, way faster, with way less effort.

This was then fixed by making the first tick not count, and subsequently by increasing her tickrate so she couldn’t be faster than the normal tickrate.

And then they forgot to remove the ‘first tick doesn’t count’ thing.