Coalescence should be nerfed

Coalescence got buffed with the beam change a while back that was apparently so significant that Symmetra and Zarya received a 20-40% increase to their damage and had to be nerfed to compensate. (The devs even felt the need to nerf Symmetra a second time, targeting the turret damage, because her damage was still too high after the change.)

Like Photon Projector and Particle Cannon, Coalescence should receive some compensation nerfs. One or more of these should do:

  • Decrease the damage/healing per second. (e.g. 70 / 140 —> 60 / 120)

  • Reduce the duration. (e.g. 8 seconds —> 7 seconds)

  • Increase the ultimate cost given that it is now a much more impactful ultimate than before and should not be so easily obtained. (e.g. 2380 —> 2730)


Its very low impact to Moira and Winston, and only really affected Zarya and Symmetra


Because Coalescence is an ultimate so people forget about it when talking about the beam changes. It still got unintentionally mega buffed and should be tuned down.

I would start with changing the ult cost to be much higher .
She shouldn’t reliably be first ult EVERY time.
I don’t find her ult to be overly tuned so maybe just start with the one nerf.
I’ve never been a huge fan or multiple buffs or nerfs for one hero because it can be over compensated.

That stat is garbage

In both all ranks and gm syms damage only went up by 16% and zaryas by 22%

I don’t know where that 40% stat is coming from

Yeah okay whatever, I could live with this

And this, just no

The ONLY thing that needs toning down is ult cost.

Thats it

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Coalescence was hardly touched by it and I don’t know what y’all are smoking to come to this conclusion. The beam change was aimed toward harder to track beams since they had registry issues on the first ticks of damage so if you weren’t consistently hitting the target the damage was lower than it should have been.

Moira’s damage average remains around the same 8k~9k while Zarya and Sym are between 14~15k range.

Coalescence just needs an ult charge nerf. With how Moira plays, it isn’t hard to get it pretty much every fight.

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you know this thread is about numbers without even reading the OP but if it was about making it so you could actually see things through her stupid tractor trailer sized beam then everyone would be like “hell yeah brother, let’s do it to it”

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From the devs themselves.


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Coalescence is fine as is. Rather have them reduce her damage orb’s speed increase after hitting a wall. That will reduce the amount of random bounces and distance travelled.